EUR-Lex developments: July 2014

Since 1 July 2014 an improved version of EUR-Lex has been online.

Discover the main changes:

  • Homepage:
    • More meaningful references in the "Recently published" widget.
    • European Legislation Identifier (ELI) tab in the search widget temporarily hidden until functionality is fully integrated into EUR-Lex.
    • Official Journal calendar icon in the left hand corner now showing date of latest uploaded Official Journal instead of current date.
  • Document view:
    • "Linked documents"-tab:
      • Display of all consolidated versions
      • Display of relations for communications on case-law
      • Link to all legislative procedures, based on this document, is added
    • "All"-tab: "Languages, formats and links to OJ" are added as well as access to multilingual display.
    • European Court Reports publication references now displayed in "title and reference" field.
  • Search:
    • Search and clear button added at the top of the advanced search forms.
    • Text search: the spelling of words with or without accents returns the same results, e.g. “comité mixte” returns the same results as “comite mixte”.
    • Some improvements to the expert search.
  • Result list:
    • Presentation of "Direct text access" and "Latest consolidated version" changed to avoid confusion between consolidated and non-consolidated versions.
    • Format of Official Journal reference: following the guidelines in the Interinstitutional Style Guide the slashes are changed to dots, e.g. before the changes, the reference was written as "OJ L 136, 18/5/2001", whereas now it is entered as "OJ L 136, 18.5.2001".
    • Display of European Court Reports publication references.
  • Treaties page: page giving a chronological overview of treaties was added.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.

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