EUR-Lex developments: November 2015

From November 2015, you can discover the following improvements and corrections:

  1. Display
    • Search result list: whenever a result points to a document that is not available in or does not concern your search language, this is clearly indicated.
    • Legislative procedure: changes have been done to make the display more user-friendly. E.g. a specific label for "Joint leading person" was added, "Type of file" will not be shown anymore when empty and the type of procedure is displayed for each event, as well as for the whole procedure. In addition, documents of the Council of the European Union are now directly accessible via links from the procedure view.
  1. Search
    • Advanced search: improvements were made to
      • searching for consolidated legislation by Celex number of the basic act.
      • searching for National Implementing Measures by Celex number.
      • the list of subject matters on the EU case law advanced search form.
    • Expert search: "Related documents" has been added to the list of search fields.
    • In the "Find results by Celex number"-box on the homepage, it is now possible to search for consolidated legislation and EU case law summaries.
    • Direct access to the Official Journal: you can now search on an Official Journal year and number, without specifying the series.
    • Help and guidance
      • Improvement of the information given in contextual help.
      • Harmonisation of labels used on the different search screens.
      • New help pages and search field assistants for expert search.
  1. Search results
    • Improvement in the relevance of results, corrigenda are now further down in the result list.
  1. Summaries of EU legislation
    • Publication of a glossary, explaining concepts and terms used in the Summaries.
    • In the Summaries tab on the document view: improvements to the way to access the Summaries, in case there is more than one summary for the document.
    • Enrichment of the information provided about the Summaries.
    • Possibility to search Summaries by Eurovoc code.
  1. CheckLex
  2. This website enables you to verify the electronic signature and authentic character of the electronic edition of the Official Journal of the European Union. To make the verification process more user-friendly, a new, simplified version of the site has been put online.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.