EUR-Lex developments: March 2024

This new EUR-Lex release includes mainly technical updates and fixes.

It also adds the following features.

    Consolidated texts

    In the latest consolidated version of a text, EUR-Lex now indicates if some modifications (amendments and corrigenda) are not yet included.

    Screenshot of the EUR-Lex message showing missing amendments

    Legally binding printed editions of the Official Journal

    Following the amendment of Regulation No 216/2013 on the electronic publication of the Official Journal, the page on the legally binding printed editions of the Official Journal has been modified.

    It explains the new rules, and a revamped table gives all the relevant information on these editions.


    We have rewritten part of the EUR-Lex code to make sure that the website works better with assistive technologies, for example when navigating lists and tables.

    Moreover, all images on EUR-Lex now have an alternative text, and carousels can be paused.

    Finally, for users of assistive technologies, there will only be one pagination widget on the search results page, making it easier to navigate.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.