EUR-Lex developments: September 2018

We are pleased to communicate the latest changes of EUR-Lex.

  1. The new navigation design represents the main change. It offers a simplified look while features and functionalities remain unchanged. In a nutshell, the key elements of the new design are:

    • Four main categories of the menu in the new navigation: EU Law, EU case law, National law and case law and in addition access the daily Official Journal and the dedicated Official Journal pages on the right side.

    • When accessing a document, the tabs previously displayed at the top of the page (Text, Document information, Procedure, Internal procedure, National transposition and Summary of EU legislation or Summary of Case law documents) are now accessible on the left side of the page.

    • Searching for documents remains mostly unchanged with the availability of the familiar features: Find results by, Quick search, Advanced search, Expert search (for signed in users only).

    • Some labels have been renamed as follows:
      Previous label New label
      EU law and related documents EU law
      EU legislation Legal acts
      Consolidated acts Consolidated texts
      EU preparatory acts Preparatory documents
      Legislative procedures Lawmaking procedures
      Institutions and bodies EU institutions
      Directory of European Union case law Directory of case law
      National transposition measures National transposition
      JURE JURE case law

    • The site is now mobile friendly, so adapting to the size of the device's screen.

    Watch this video to know more.

  2. EUR-Lex has migrated to HTTPS protocol. All accesses to EUR-Lex made over HTTP will be automatically redirected to use HTTPS
  3. The translation of titles of national transposition measures is now based on the eTranslation online machine translation service and delivers better and faster results. It replaces the previous MT@EC service. Both are developed by the European Commission.

Please note that the e-learning module which is available on the EUR-Lex home page since March 2018 is based on the site before the navigation revamp. It will be adapted along with the online tutorials.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these developments.