EUR-Lex developments: June 2015

From June 2015, you can discover the following improvements and corrections:

  1. Quick search
    • The results now include sub-parts of treaties, corrigenda and case-law summaries
    • Improved results when searching by document number
  1. Expert search

    • The search fields have been re-grouped in a more logical manner

    • The option to filter on the search fields has been added
    • The tips on how to use the different search options in the search field tree have been adapted and improved.
    • The sentence and paragraph proximity operators have been replaced by the NEAR10 and NEAR40 proximity operators for increased transparency and accuracy.
    • Search for annotations in relations has been improved
    • The option of alphanumerical sorting of annotations has been added.
    • A new text zoom functionality has been added. This allows to display parts of the text containing your search term(s) in the results list. The search term(s) will be highlighted. The zoom functionality works for the following text fields: Text (TE), Keywords (IX), Parties (I1), Subject of the case (I2), Grounds (MO), Endorsements (VS), Decision on costs (CO) and Operative part (DI).
  1. Result list
    • A new grouping of the search results has been applied. As a result, regulations, directives and decisions in force adopted by Council and Parliament are displayed on top of the list.
  1. National implementing measures (NIM)
    • To improve their visibility, the NIMs are now displayed under a separate NIM-tab in the directive view. This tab contains information on NIMs, grouped by member state.

Last but not least, the duration of a session has been significantly prolonged.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.