Discover the latest developments on the EUR-Lex website 09/2014

EUR-Lex has been updated and improved, in response to both user feedback and internal quality checks.

Notable changes

  1. Search:
    • Home page search widget, Simple search tab – consolidated texts have been excluded from the search.
    • Advanced search – JURE subdomains have been listed at the bottom of the subdomains, under national law (to make the list more logical).
    • Advanced search – the phonetic search option has been hidden, pending a fix.
    • Direct access to the Official Journal – the page sometimes takes time to reload, after the year has been chosen, but before the user has selected the month. The reloading time is now clearly indicated, so users know when they can select the month.
  2. Search results:
    • For case law the ECLI reference is displayed by default in the search results.
    • For National Implementing Measures, there are facets available to filter the search results.
  3. Document view:
    • Linked documents tab – readability has been improved as follows:
      1. For EU case law – improved display of related documents.
      2. The display of certain annotations has been corrected.
      3. For EU case law, 2 redundant links have been removed: Select all documents based on this document, Select all legislative procedures based on this document.
      4. Only the name of the treaty is displayed (the information on the consolidated version and the corresponding year has been taken out).
      5. For consolidated versions, the links display now the date, instead of the CELEX number).
    • If an EU case law document has been published in several European Court Reports, the references are listed more logically, both in the document view (in the Title and reference field) and the results list.
  4. Summaries of EU legislation:
    • Both simple and advanced search are offered.
    • Summaries are browsable by topic.
  5. Other:
    • Users from EU countries that have an e-ID can sign in with this ID. This system does not yet work for Estonia, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden or UK.
    • More readable display for several pages, e.g. sitemap, guided tours.
    • Larger font size for printouts triggered by the print icon.
    • All language versions of the interface have been checked for consistency.
    • Better contact form for users (includes the user's e-mail in the From field).

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.