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National transposition

How to find measures taken by member states to incorporate an EU legal act into national law:

1. Advanced search: search by:

  • text in the title
  • year and number of the transposed legal act, or its CELEX number
  • member state
  • CELEX number of the national transposition measure

2. Quick search

  • find the legal act in question
  • note down its CELEX number ( example: 31960L0201)
  • replace the 1st digit with the number 7 (31960L0201 becomes 71960L0201)
  • add an asterisk at the end (71960L0201*). To find only measures from a specific member state, add the 3 letter country code and an asterisk at the end (71960L0201FRA*)

A reference to national transposition measures does not necessarily mean that these measures are either comprehensive or in conformity. The national provisions are shown as communicated by the member states. This collection is updated weekly.