Discover the latest developments on the EUR-Lex website 12/2014

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Since the beginning of December 2014, a new version of the website has been online. On top of a number of small improvements, the main changes are listed below.


To make searching more intuitive, the advanced search forms have been redesigned.

  • The forms have been harmonised in terms of structure and terminology, with a similar order of headings for all collections.
  • For all collections, similar search criteria have been grouped under the same heading with a relevant title.
  • The alignment and the readability of the search fields has been improved.
  • For all collections, the most used search options have been moved to the top of the form and the lesser used ones are further down.
  • The text search options have been extended, allowing for multiple ‘or’ and/or ‘not’ conditions.
  • For certain collections, the choice of type of document and author has been expanded.

National implementing measures

Additional information about national implementing measures has been added, e.g. the name of the country and the publication reference of the national act. This information is displayed in the tabs ‘About this document’ and ‘All’.


The website which allows the monitoring of the decision-making process between EU institutions will be closed on 15 December 2014. All EU legislative procedures are now fully available via EUR-Lex. This means that legislative procedures and legal acts are now accessible through one single portal. This integration makes it easy to follow the whole life of a legal act, from the very first proposal up to the latest amendments, consolidations and interpretations.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.