EUR-Lex developments: 04/2023

This new EUR-Lex release includes mainly technical updates and fixes.

It also adds the following features:

    Search results

    • When you export your search results in CVS/EXCEL/TSV/XML, you can include a new piece of metadata: the ‘Current consolidated version’ date.
    • You can also export your search results in a compressed zip folder.
    • In ‘Customise shown information’, you can choose not to display:
      • the CELEX number of documents,
      • the HTML and PDF icons that lead to the corresponding document formats (‘Direct text access’ box under ‘Miscellaneous information’).

    Document information tab

    • We have improved the ‘Document information’ tab in the document page by reorganising the sections and removing duplicated content

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.