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United Kingdom

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ELI coordinator

  • Legislation Services, The National Archives, UK

For information, contact:

Status of ELI implementation

URI template structure

The UK implements ELI-compliant URI patterns in line with the guidance given in “How to Publish Linked Data on the Web”. All the elements used are fully described on the National Archives website. Legislation published in the UK applies the following URI template:

URI template for the UK

URI template{type}/{year}/{number}[/{section}]

An example of the URI pattern used in UK is given below.

URI pattern (URI identifier) applied in the UK - example

Example: The Transport Act 1985
{type} {year} {number} [{section}]
ukpga 1985 67
Full URI:


Structured human and machine-readable metadata is available at View the XML metadata by adding /data.xml to a document URI, e.g. the RDF metadata by adding /data.rdf to a document URI, e.g.

Publishing formats

Work is in progress to convert current metadata to ELI equivalents and publish them on the website.

PRIVACY STATEMENT ON THE PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA collected by the Publications Office to publish data of the stakeholders engaging with ELI (European Legislation Identifier)