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ELI coordination

Organisation/state agency responsible for the ELI implementation

Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Legislation

Responsible person(s)

Žiga Pipan

Contact email

Status of ELI implementation

Access to the ELI startpage (under development)

Level of implementation

Pillars 1 and 2 are to be implemented in the first half of 2023 in the new legal information system of the Republic of Slovenia (PISRS).

URI template structure for pillar 1

Slovenian legislation available on PISRS will have the following URI template:{legislation type of document}/{natural identifier}/{npb}/{version number}/{language}/{format}


  • “legislation type of document” – is an abbreviation of a type of a legal act (ZAKO for law, URED for decree, PRAV for rules, SKLE for decision, etc.);
  • “natural identifier” – is an SOP (uniform identification code) number of a published legal act;
    • SOP number (e.g. 1996-01-3317) consists of:
      • 1996 - year of publication,
      • 01 - part of the official gazette (02 is for international treaties),
      • 3317 - four-digit publication number;
  • “npb” – stands for an unofficial consolidated version;
  • “number” – is the number of an unofficial consolidated version (e.g. 0 for the original published act);
  • “language” – is language of the legal act (SI, EN);
  • “format” – .doc, .pdf or .html.

Implemented metadata elements (only applicable for pillar 2)

The following metadata is planned to be implemented:

  • amends
  • applicability
  • based_on
  • consolidates
  • date_document
  • date_no_longer_in_force
  • date_publication
  • ensures_implementation_of
  • first_date_entry_in_force
  • id_local
  • in_force
  • language
  • legal_value
  • legalResource
  • media_type
  • number
  • passed_by
  • published_in
  • responsibility_of_agent
  • title
  • transposes
  • type_document
  • uri_schema
  • version
  • version_date


Basic:{legislation type of document}/{natural identifier}


Full:{legislation type of document}/{natural identifier}/{language}/{format}


For unofficial consolidated verisons:{legislation type of document}/{natural identifier}/{npb}/{version number}


Additional information

Slovenian legislation is accessible via the legal information system of the Republic of Slovenia (PISRS). PISRS is a single national legislative portal offering public access to information on adopted laws, regulations and other legal acts free of charge, including EU and national case-law, consolidated texts, and other information with a significant impact on the application of national law. In addition to efficient and quick search through all sources of law, users can easily monitor the process of planning and adopting laws and regulations. PISRS integrates more than 15 registers and databases which are administered by different public authorities, several of them available online solely via this portal. The current version, accessible on, was developed in 2014. To keep digital innovation on track as well as to maintain the user-friendliness and responsiveness of the portal, the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Legislation launched a project to redesign the portal in terms of technical architecture, integrations of different data sources and user interface, including the implementation of ELI pillars 1 and 2.

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