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ELI coordinator

  • The Lovdata Foundation

Organisational and administrative aspects Managing Director Odd Storm-Paulsen.

Technical and information aspects Head of Development Simon Skrede.

For information, contact:

Status of ELI implementation

URI template structure

Norwegian legislation is published using the following URI template:

URI template for Norway

URI template
/eli/{jurisdiction}/{type}/{year}/{month}/{day}/{natural_identifier}/{level…}/{version}/{point in time}/{language}/{format}

Implementation roadmap

Norway implemented ELI in September 2016 as a beta-version. The beta-version is intended to fulfill the recommendations for step 1, 2 and 3.

Step 1
ELI URIs are implemented for all consolidated legislation, both statutes and regulations. The OJ versions (Lovtidend) are also referrable using ELI URIs.

Step 2
Using ELI URIs as URLs returns a set of metadata for each document, which we believe covers the mandatory fields in the ELI standard, in addition to a few more. Documentation will follow the transition from the beta phase.

Step 3
All the metadata described in Step 2 are also embedded in the pages as RDFa attributes, adhering to the ELI standard.

The most recent information is online at

PRIVACY STATEMENT ON THE PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA collected by the Publications Office to publish data of the stakeholders engaging with ELI (European Legislation Identifier)