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ELI coordinator

  • Carmen Malagón, Head of Sector Budget and Interoperability, Official Journal and Case Law.

For information, contact:

ELI implementation overview

URI template structure

OP URI Template

URI template{typedoc}/{year}/{naturalnumber}/oj

You can view an example of the URI pattern below.

URI pattern applied by the EU Publications Office - example

Example:Council Regulation (EU) No 216/2013 of 7 March 2013 on the electronic publication of the Official Journal of the European Union
{typedoc} {year} {naturalnumber} oj
reg 2013 216 oj
Full URI:

For further examples, see the MDR Registry.

PRIVACY STATEMENT ON THE PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA collected by the Publications Office to publish data of the stakeholders engaging with ELI (European Legislation Identifier)