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Official Journal daily view


Both the L and the C series of the Official Journal have a dedicated page called ‘daily view’ that gives an overview of the Official Journals published on a given day.

There are several ways to access these pages.

On the homepage, in the Official Journal box, click on the ‘OJ L Series’ or ‘OJ C Series’ links.

screen shot of the ‘OJ L Series’ and ‘OJ C Series’ links in the Official Journal box

On the ‘Access the Official Journal’ page, click on one of the ‘Display acts’ links.

screen shot of the ‘Display acts’ links on the ‘Access the Official Journal’ page

On the following pages, use the menu on the left-hand side: ‘Access the Official Journal’, ‘Official Journal L series daily view’, ‘Official Journal C series daily view’, ‘Browse the Official Journal’, ‘Legally binding printed editions’ and ‘Special editions’.

screen shot of the left-hand menu highlighting links to the L series and C series daily views

The ‘daily view’ page gives access to the Official Journals on a specific date.

You can sort the Official Journals in ascending or descending order using different criteria:

  • by OJ structure, which is the view by default and mirrors the structure and layout of the table of contents of the former Official Journal editions;
  • by OJ number;
  • by publishing time.
screen shot highlighting the 'sort by' field on the 'daily view' page

To see an Official Journal, click on its title.

To display the daily view for another date, click on the icon next to the date and then click on the date of your choice.

screen shot highlighting the calendar icon on the 'daily view' page