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Information Society

The term ‘information society’ describes a society where a significant degree of activity focuses on the creation, distribution, use and reuse of information. This activity takes place by means of what are known as information and communication technologies (ICTs). The use of ICTs, the growth of the internet and the opening up of telecommunications markets have revolutionised Europeans' daily lives over the last 25 years. They offer opportunities like teleworking, ehealth and elearning to name but a few.

There are, however, also some downsides to the information society. Steps need to tackle new forms of crime, such as cyber crime, as well as data protection and intellectual property violations. What is known as the digital divide also needs to be addressed: those who are equipped to participate in the information society and those who are not.

The Digital Agenda, one of the flagships of the Europe 2020 strategy to deliver smart sustainable and inclusive growth, aims to help EU citizens and business to get the most out of the digital revolution.