Glossary of summaries

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Article 167 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) governs EU action in the cultural field: the EU shall bring the common cultural heritage to the fore by encouraging cooperation between EU countries while respecting their national and regional diversity.

In 2007, the European Commission put forward an agenda for culture with 3 objectives:

  • cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;
  • culture as a catalyst for creativity (subsequently taken forward in some of the Europe 2020 strategy flagship initiatives);
  • and culture as a key component of international relations.

The Creative Europe (2014-2020) programme has been launched to support European cinema and the cultural and creative sectors. It should allow artists, cultural and audiovisual professionals in the performing arts, fine arts, publishing, film, TV, music, interdisciplinary arts, heritage and video games industries to contribute to jobs and growth.