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Glossary of summaries

Glossary of summaries


The confirmation procedure comprises 2 stages:

  • Appointment of the President of the European Commission (President-elect): Under Article 17(7) of the Treaty on European Union, the appointment of the President of the European Commission should take into account the results of the elections to the European Parliament. The President of the European Council consults with the President of the European Parliament on a possible candidate. This candidate is then proposed to the European Council which votes by qualified majority. Afterwards, the European Parliament elects the candidate by a majority of its component members.
  • Adopting the list of commissioners: The Commission's President-elect prepares a list of the commissioners-designate, based on proposals from EU countries. This list is adopted by the European Council by qualified majority. Each commissioner is given a specific portfolio. The European Parliament then organises hearings to assess the suitability of each commissioner-designate. Lastly, the European Parliament decides, by a majority of votes cast, whether to appoint the new College of Commissioners.