Legal acts – statistics

Consult, by year and by month, the number of legal acts adopted in a given month as well as those repealed and expired in a given month.

For adopted acts, both those in force and those no longer in force are covered. There are separate figures for basic acts and amending acts (acts amending previously adopted acts*). The figures are based on the date an act was adopted. Corrigenda are excluded. The figures for repealed acts and expired acts are based on the end of validity date. Non-legislative acts are in italics.

Adopted acts
Basic Amending
Legislative acts - Ordinary legislative procedure
Regulations of the European Parliament and of the Council 58 30
Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council 37 10
Decisions of the European Parliament and of the Council** 12 0
Total 107 40
Other legislative acts
Council regulations 36 28
Council directives 2 4
Council decisions 321 72
Total 359 104
Non-legislative acts
Delegated acts
Commission delegated regulations 87 34
Commission delegated directives 0 10
Commission delegated decisions 0 1
Total 87 45
Implementing acts
Council implementing regulations 11 35
Council implementing decisions 19 43
Commission implementing regulations*** 347 171
Commission implementing directives 7 6
Commission implementing decisions 160 74
Total 544 329
Other acts
Commission regulations*** 130 118
Commission directives 6 15
Commission decisions 414 5
Total 550 138

* For bibliographical reasons, an act is classified as an amending act if according to its title it amends one or more acts, even if it also contains autonomous provisions.

** The vast majority of decisions have addressees (a Member State, a group of Member States, one or more companies). According to Article 288 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) a decision which specifies those to whom it is addressed shall be binding only on them.

*** Ephemeral acts are excluded. Acts related to day-to-day management of agricultural matters (‘ephemeral acts’) are generally valid for a limited period of time. Since 1 March 2011 they have been mainly adopted as Commission implementing regulations. Before that date they were mainly adopted as Commission regulations.