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Document 31994D0200

94/200/EC: Commission Decision of 7 April 1994 laying down special conditions governing the import of fishery and aquaculture products originating in Ecuador

OJ L 93, 12.4.1994, p. 34–39 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT)
Special edition in Czech: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Estonian: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Latvian: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Lithuanian: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Hungarian Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Maltese: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Polish: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Slovak: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Slovene: Chapter 03 Volume 016 P. 65 - 70
Special edition in Bulgarian: Chapter 03 Volume 014 P. 234 - 239
Special edition in Romanian: Chapter 03 Volume 014 P. 234 - 239

No longer in force, Date of end of validity: 30/04/2007; Repealed by 32006R1664



94/200/EC: Commission Decision of 7 April 1994 laying down special conditions governing the import of fishery and aquaculture products originating in Ecuador

Official Journal L 093 , 12/04/1994 P. 0034 - 0039

COMMISSION DECISION of 7 April 1994 laying down special conditions governing the import of fishery and aquaculture products originating in Ecuador (94/200/EC)


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,

Having regard to Council Directive 91/493/EEC of 22 July 1991 laying down the health conditions for the production and the placing on the market of fishery products (1), and in particular Article 11 thereof,

Whereas a group of Commission experts has conducted an inspection visit to Ecuador to verify the conditions under which fishery products are produced, stored and dispatched to the Community;

Whereas the provisions of Ecudorian legislation on health inspection and monitoring of fishery products may be considered equivalent to those laid down in Directive 91/493/EEC;

Whereas the Instituto Nacional de la Pesca (INP), the competent Ecuadorian authority, is capable of effectively verifying the application of the laws in force;

Whereas the procedure for obtaining the health certificate referred to in Article 11 (4) (a) of Directive 91/493/EEC must also cover the definition of a model certificate, the minimum requirements regarding the language(s) in which it must be drafted and the grade of the person empowered to sign it;

Whereas, pursuant to Article 11 (4) (b) of Directive 91/493/EEC, a mark should be affixed to packages of fishery products, giving the name of the third country and the approval number of the establishment of origin;

Whereas, pursuant to Article 11 (4) (c) of Directive 91/493/EEC, a list of approved establishments must be drawn up; whereas that list must be drawn up on the basis of a communication from the INP to the Commission; whereas it is therefore for the INP to ensure compliance with the provisions laid down to that end in Article 11 (4) of Directive 91/493/EEC;

Whereas the INP has provided official assurances regarding compliance with the rules set out in Chapter V of the Annex to Directive 91/493/EEC and regarding fulfilment of requirements equivalent to those laid down by that Directive for the approval of establishments;

Whereas the measures provided for in this Decision are in accordance with the opinion of the Standing Veterinary Committee,


Article 1

The Instituto Nacional de la Pesca (INP) shall be the competent authority in Ecuador for verifying and certifying compliance of fishery products with the requirements of Directive 91/493/EEC.

Article 2

Fishery products originating in Ecuador must meet the following conditions:

1. Each consignment must be accompanied by a numbered original health certificate, duly completed, signed, dated and comprising a single sheet in accordance with the model set out in Annex A hereto;

2. The products must come from approved establishments listed in Annex B hereto;

3. Except in the case of frozen fishery products in bulk and intended for the manufacture of preserved foods, all packages must bear the word 'Ecuador' and the approval number of the establishment of origin in indelible letters.

Article 3

1. The certificate referred to in point 1 of Article 2 must be drawn up in at least one official language of the Member State where the checks are carried out.

2. The certificate must bear the name, capacity and signature of the representative of the INP and the latter's official stamp in a colour different from that of the other indications on the certificate.

Article 4

This Decision shall apply from 1 June 1994.

Article 5

This Decision is addressed to the Member States.

Done at Brussels, 7 April 1994.

For the Commission


Member of the Commission

(1) OJ No L 268, 24. 9. 1991, p. 15.


HEALTH CERTIFICATE for fishery and aquaculture products originating in Ecuador and intended for export to the European Community with the exception of bivalve molluscs, eschinoderms, tunicates and marine gastropods in any form

Reference No:

Country of dispatch: Ecuador

Competent authority: Instituto Nacional de la Pesca (INP)

I. Details identifying the products

Description of fishery or aquaculture products (1):

- species (scientific name):

- presentation of product (2) and type of treatment:

Code number (where available):

Type of packaging:

Number of packages:

Net weight:

Requisite storage and transport temperature:

II. Origin of products

Name(s) and official approval number(s) of establishment(s) approved by the INP for exports to the Community:

III. Destination of products

The products are dispatched from:

(place of dispatch)


(country and place of destination)

by the following means of transport:

Name and address of dispatcher:

Name of consignee and address at place of destination:

IV. Health attestation

The official inspector hereby certifies that the fishery and aquaculture products specified above:

1. were caught and handled on board vessels in accordance with the health rules laid down by Directive 92/48/EEC;

2. were landed, handled and where appropriate packaged, prepared, processed, frozen, thawed and stored hygienically in compliance with the requirements laid down in Chapters II, III and IV of the Annex to Directive 91/493/EEC;

3. have undergone health controls in accordance with Chapter V of the Annex to Directive 91/493/EEC;

4. are packaged, marked, stored and transported in accordance with Chapters VI, VII and VIII of the Annex to Directive 91/493/EEC;

5. do not come from toxic species or species containing biotoxins;

6. have satisfactorily undergone the organoleptic, parasitological, chemical and microbiological checks laid down for certain categories of fishery products by Directive 91/493/EEC and in the implementing decisions thereto.

Done at ,





Signature of official inspector

(name in capital letters, capacity and qualifications of person signing)

(1) Delete where inapplicable.

(2) Live, refrigerated, frozen, salted, smoked, preserved, etc.


List of establishments

"" ID="1">4> ID="2">Copesa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">6> ID="2">Ecuamar> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">9> ID="2">Ideal> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">11> ID="2">Induval> ID="3">Santa Rosa> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">12> ID="2">Inpeca> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">13> ID="2">Ipesa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">14> ID="2">La Portuguesa> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">15> ID="2">Neptuno> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">18> ID="2">Pespaca> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">19> ID="2">Pesq. Manabi> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">20> ID="2">Pesq. Polar> ID="3">Jipijapa> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">24> ID="2">Santa Priscila> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">25> ID="2">Seafman> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">27> ID="2">Camaronera> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">29> ID="2">Conservas Isabel> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">31> ID="2">Empaca> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">32> ID="2">Empagram> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">34> ID="2">Enaca> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">35> ID="2">Enl. Ec. de Alimentos> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">36> ID="2">Epromar> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">37> ID="2">Esca> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">38> ID="2">Exporklore SA> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">42> ID="2">Frimar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">44> ID="2">Ind. Pesq. Janbeli> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">45> ID="2">Inepaca> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">46> ID="2">Inexpac> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">47> ID="2">La Corona> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">48> ID="2">Lanco> ID="3">Arenillas> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">49> ID="2">Marfrut> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">50> ID="2">Mitad del Mundo> ID="3">Sanborondón> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">51> ID="2">Nursa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">52> ID="2">Progalca> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">54> ID="2">Promasa> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">56> ID="2">Songa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">57> ID="2">ABC> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">61> ID="2">Granma> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">62> ID="2">Incopes> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">64> ID="2">Inpesca> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">65> ID="2">Ipecasa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">66> ID="2">Lubap> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">67> ID="2">Marecuador> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">80> ID="2">Cachugran> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">81> ID="2">Demarco> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">84> ID="2">Pesq. Fernández> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">89> ID="2">Langolf> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">90> ID="2">Pesca Ecuatoriana> ID="3">Mania> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">93> ID="2">Camarsa Int.> ID="3">Santa Rosa> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">96> ID="2">Cosace> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">98> ID="2">Crimasa> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">99> ID="2">Ersa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">100> ID="2">Fribalao> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">101> ID="2">Fridmares> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">107> ID="2">Proculmar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">110> ID="2">Acuaespecies> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">111> ID="2">Consemar> ID="3">Esmeraldas> ID="4">Esmeraldas"> ID="1">116> ID="2">Estar> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">118> ID="2">Exp. Marest> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">119> ID="2">Fracusa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">122> ID="2">Mar Grande> ID="3">Tosagua> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">123> ID="2">Marines> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">126> ID="2">Promariscos> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">128> ID="2">Telson y Rostrum> ID="3">Bahía> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">129> ID="2">Apolinar Pesca Seca> ID="3">Balzar> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">131> ID="2">Egbasa> ID="3">Sucre> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">132> ID="2">Emp. Bacam> ID="3">Sucre> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">133> ID="2">Emp. Somar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">135> ID="2">Mariscadora Capex> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">136> ID="2">Pesq. Bravito> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">137> ID="2">Pesq. Sumpa"> ID="1">140> ID="2">Calvi> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">141> ID="2">Chupamar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">143> ID="2">Expalsa> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">144> ID="2">Frumaco> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">145> ID="2">Frutrosa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">147> ID="2">Grancomar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">148> ID="2">Marcosta> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">150> ID="2">Peslasa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">151> ID="2">Pesq. del Carmen> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">157> ID="2">Aquamundo> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">158> ID="2">Bajespec> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">165> ID="2">Emp. Champmar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">166> ID="2">Extamarsa> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">167> ID="2">Fricomsa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">170> ID="2">Langua> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">171> ID="2">Marcrusa> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">173> ID="2">Orvipesa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">179> ID="2">Ultraespec> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">184> ID="2">Aquafinca> ID="3">Santa Isabil> ID="4">Azuay"> ID="1">189> ID="2">Camaguay> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">193> ID="2">Caprosa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">196> ID="2">Dibsa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">197> ID="2">Docapes> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">198> ID="2">Ecuacrus> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">200> ID="2">Ecuamaron> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">202> ID="2">Entrepiscinas> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">203> ID="2">Frigocojisa> ID="3">Sucre> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">207> ID="2">Inducam> ID="3">Guayas> ID="4">Guayaquil"> ID="1">210> ID="2">Jocristy Mar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">218> ID="2">Macromar> ID="3">Eloy Alfaro> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">230> ID="2">Togen> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">232> ID="2">Almarsa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">235> ID="2">Camasan> ID="3">Eloy Alfaro> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">238> ID="2">Coitrin> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">243> ID="2">Emyaco> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">245> ID="2">Gama Marina> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">249> ID="2">Langosmar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">250> ID="2">Manapez> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">252> ID="2">Mardecoral> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">253> ID="2">Mardex> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">254> ID="2">Marsanjosé> ID="3">Chone> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">255> ID="2">Mera Julieta> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">256> ID="2">Maranjo Onassis> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">258> ID="2">Oceanpac> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">263> ID="2">Pimaca> ID="3">Naranjal> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">267> ID="2">Promarosa> ID="3">Salinas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">268> ID="2">Raymondi Germania> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">275> ID="2">Cam. y Pesq. Acuario> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">276> ID="2">Casierra> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">284> ID="2">Crevette> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">285> ID="2">Encopac> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">286> ID="2">Enderica Luis> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">288> ID="2">Finsacua> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">291> ID="2">Jara Luis"> ID="1">292> ID="2">Marnad> ID="3">Esmeraldas> ID="4">Esmeraldas"> ID="1">294> ID="2">Lanpave> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">295> ID="2">Mabiosa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">298> ID="2">Maramoro> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">299> ID="2">Marisec> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">301> ID="2">Mirakles> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">303> ID="2">Oronariscos> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">304> ID="2">Paexport> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">307> ID="2">Probiosa> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">310> ID="2">Sharking> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">319> ID="2">Cam. Santanamar"> ID="1">325> ID="2">Gambas del Pacífico> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">328> ID="2">Lancoral"> ID="1">329> ID="2">Lang. Camarones Usti> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">331> ID="2">Marderey"> ID="1">333> ID="2">Ochoa Beatriz> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">336> ID="2">Polines> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">337> ID="2">Pranaluna> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">339> ID="2">Trintade> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">340> ID="2">Yifar Express> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">341> ID="2">Aquatech"> ID="1">347> ID="2">Fortumar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">349> ID="2">Franco Diego> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">350> ID="2">Game Eduardo> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">351> ID="2">Guirao Rafael> ID="3">Playas> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">353> ID="2">Jaibazul> ID="3">Bahía> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">354> ID="2">Maguilar> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">360> ID="2">Rongasa"> ID="1">363> ID="2">Aguilar Nelio> ID="3">Durán> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">366> ID="2">Camaronera Rey"> ID="1">370> ID="2">Ecuaexport"> ID="1">372> ID="2">Empesec"> ID="1">373> ID="2">Encalada Luis> ID="3">Santa Elena> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">376> ID="2">GTM"> ID="1">382> ID="2">Pesycam> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">384> ID="2">Pinvelar"> ID="1">387> ID="2">Primebrand"> ID="1">388> ID="2">Promarpasa"> ID="1">389> ID="2">Prosedeca> ID="3">Portoviejo> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">390> ID="2">Raymundi Jorge"> ID="1">391> ID="2">Romaporsa> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">393> ID="2">Sopesoa (Ginecorp)"> ID="1">394> ID="2">Transmarina> ID="3">Manta> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">395> ID="2">Zeleosa> ID="3">Esmeraldas> ID="4">Esmeraldas"> ID="1">402> ID="2">Corvapar"> ID="1">404> ID="2">Grumodus"> ID="1">408> ID="2">Manselcorp"> ID="1">409> ID="2">Maricultura> ID="3">Sucre> ID="4">Manabi"> ID="1">410> ID="2">Martucci> ID="3">Guayaquil> ID="4">Guayas"> ID="1">412> ID="2">Oceanexa> ID="3">Machala> ID="4">El Oro"> ID="1">413> ID="2">Oxiteca">