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Document L:1994:233:TOC

Official Journal of the European Communities, L 233, 7 September 1994

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Official Journal
of the European Communities

ISSN 0378-6978

L 233
Volume 37
7 September 1994

English edition






Acts whose publication is obligatory



Commission Regulation (EC) No 2176/94 of 5 September 1994 on the free supply to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan of intervention wheat pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No 1999/94




Commission Regulation (EC) No 2177/94 of 5 September 1994 concerning the stopping of fishing for American plaice by vessels flying the flag of a Member State




Commission Regulation (EC) No 2178/94 of 6 September 1994 introducing specific measures relating to the application of Regulation (EC) No 3208/93 on the sale by the procedure laid down in Regulation (EEC) No 2539/84 of beef held by certain intervention agencies and intended for export after processing




Commission Regulation (EC) No 2179/94 of 6 September 1994 on specific measures for the application of Regulations (EC) No 220/94, (EC) No 1018/94, (EC) No 1066/94, (EC) No 1067/94, (EC) No 1323/94, (EC) No 1491/94 and (EC) No 1508/94, relating to sales of beef held by the intervention agency of the United Kingdom



Commission Regulation (EC) No 2180/94 of 6 September 1994 introducing a countervailing charge on certain varieties of plum originating in Turkey



Commission Regulation (EC) No 2181/94 of 6 September 1994 fixing the aid for cotton



Commission Regulation (EC) No 2182/94 of 6 September 1994 fixing the import levies on white sugar and raw sugar



Commission Regulation (EC) No 2183/94 of 6 September 1994 fixing the import levies on cereals and on wheat or rye flour, groats and meal



Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.
The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.