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Document L:1996:267:TOC

Official Journal of the European Communities, L 267, 19 October 1996

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Official Journal
of the European Communities

ISSN 0378-6978

L 267
Volume 39
19 October 1996

English edition






Acts whose publication is obligatory



Council Regulation (EC) No 1997/96 of 14 October 1996 amending Regulation (EEC) No 805/68 on the common organization of the market in beef and veal




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/96 of 18 October 1996 amending Regulation (EC) No 1558/96 laying down certain transitional measures relating to the entry prices for imports of certain fruit and vegetables originating in the associated countries of Central Europe




Commission Regulation (EC) No 1999/96 of 18 October 1996 amending Regulation (EC) No 109/96 on arrangements for the import of grape juice and must from third countries




Commission Regulation (EC) No 2000/96 of 18 October 1996 providing for the grant of compensation to producers' organizations in respect of tuna delivered to the processing industry during the period 1 July to 30 September 1995



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2001/96 of 18 October 1996 fixing the amount by which the import duties on rice from the Arab Republic of Egypt must be reduced



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2002/96 of 18 October 1996 opening intervention in accordance with Article 6 (4) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 805/68



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2003/96 of 18 October 1996 amending Regulation (EEC) No 1627/89 on the buying in of beef by invitation to tender



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2004/96 of 18 October 1996 laying down to what extent applications for issue of export licences submitted during October 1996 for beef and veal products which may benefit from special import treatment in a third country may be accepted



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2005/96 of 18 October 1996 establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruit and vegetables



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2006/96 of 18 October 1996 fixing the agricultural conversion rates



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2007/96 of 18 October 1996 fixing the export refunds on olive oil



COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2008/96 of 18 October 1996 fixing the maximum export refunds for olive oil for the 21st partial invitation to tender under the standing invitation to tender issued by Regulation (EC) No 2544/95



II Acts whose publication is not obligatory







Commission Decision of 4 October 1996 establishing the list of products belonging to Classes A 'No contribution to fire' provided for in Decision 94/611/EC implementing Article 20 of Council Directive 89/106/EEC on construction products (1)






Commission Decision of 8 October 1996 allocating quotas for the placing on the market in the Community for hydrochlorofluorocarbons for the period 1 January to 31 December 1996 (Only the German, Greek, English, French, Italian and Dutch texts are authentic) (1)






Commission Decision of 11 October 1996 amending Council Decision 79/542/EEC drawing up a list of third countries from which the Member States authorize imports of bovine animals, swine, equidae, sheep and goats, fresh meat and meat products (1)






CORRIGENDUM TO:# Council Regulation (EEC) No 3911/92 of 9 December 1992 on the export of cultural goods




CORRIGENDUM TO:# Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2192/93 of 28 July 1993 concerning certain operative events for the agricultural conversion rates used in the wine sector and amending Regulations (EEC) No 1059/93, (EEC) No 377/93, (EEC) No 2729/88, (EEC) No 2253/92, (EEC) No 3233/92 and (EEC) No 3234/92




Text with EEA relevance



Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.
The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.