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Document 31994Y1105(02)

Council Resolution of 24 October 1994 on the situation in European civil aviation

OJ C 309, 5.11.1994, p. 2–3 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT)

In force


Council Resolution of 24 October 1994 on the situation in European civil aviation

Official Journal C 309 , 05/11/1994 P. 0002 - 0003

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 24 October 1994 on the situation in European civil aviation (94/C 309/02)


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,

Noting the report 'Expanding Horizons' by the 'Comité des Sages' set up by the Commission which was submitted on 1 February 1994,

Having regard to the conclusions of the Council meeting on 18 April 1994 on the situation in European civil aviation,

Having regard to the Commission communication on 'The way forward for civil aviation in Europe',

Having regard to the Commission communication on 'Satellite navigation services: a European approach',

Whereas a pre-condition for a European civil aviation sector which can hold its own in worldwide competition is a common civil aviation policy in the European Union;

Whereas the abovementioned communications from the Commission refer to relevant measures and announce, in some cases with target dates, proposals for regulations in individual areas;

CONSIDERS that in view of the large number of measures mentioned and of the need for action which is urgent in some areas it is appropriate to give special attention to certain topics,

WELCOMES the presentation of the Commission communication on the situation in European civil aviation which was a first step towards fulfilling the request by the Council to prepare suitable measures,

HOLDS THE VIEW that in general the measures announced in the Commission communication can contribute significantly to the increased overall competitiveness and financial recovery of European civil aviation and that the preparatory work should be continued without delay. The following subjects should in this context be given special priority:

(a) an efficient aviation sector in Europe requires significant progress to be made in the spheres of air traffic control/air traffic management and satellite navigation systems:

- the harmonization and integration of European air traffic control systems makes it necessary to develop a great number of technical standards under the conditions defined in Council Directive 93/65/EEC of 19 July 1993 on the definition and use of compatible technical specifications for the procurement of air traffic management equipment and systems (1) on the basis of Eurocontrol standards, in order to ensure the interaction and compatibility of technical systems in the Member States and to introduce new equipment and services which satisfy these standards with the aim of increasing the capacity of the entire European system. The Commission should support the work in this respect by means of all suitable measures,

- navigation and communications by means of satellites will be of increasing significance, and every effort should be made to make European contributions to global satellite navigation systems. The high-level coordinating group proposed in the Commission communication of 14 June 1994 should begin work as soon as possible;

(b) the completion of the common air transport market should also find expression in common provisions and in uniform procedures for the safety of air traffic. Considerations on the development of an efficient regulatory authority for Europe, based on the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), dealing with safety standards should be pursued without delay. In the same spirit, common air-worthiness certification for aeronautical products should be considered;

(c) to prevent distortions of competition for European aviation, State aids which have or might have negative effects on competition, must be ruled out. Such State aids may be granted only in the case of certain clearly defined exceptions in conformity with the Treaty and on the basis of transparent decisions;

(d) in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European aviation, it is necessary to ensure efficient utilization of the air transport infrastructure. Efficient and market-oriented ground handling services at airports make an important contribution to the efficient utilization of the air transport infrastructure. They should be offered on a non-discriminatory, transparent and cost-effective basis. Measures in this field should take into account these considerations and the capacity and safety concerns at airports,

EXPECTS that all the measures to intensify the competitiveness and adapt the structures of the air transport industry in the European Union will ensure that the air transport industry can continue to operate from a strong economic position in the European Union in the future,

CONSIDERS that a more detailed examination should be made of the risk of development of flags of convenience and other practices which result over and above the flexibility required for all operations, in a substantial use of non-Community resources. A study - carried out as soon as possible by the Commission, accompanied, if necessary, by appropriate proposals - could provide useful support for such an examination,

REQUESTS THE COMMISSION to take forthwith the measures necessary to implement this resolution and to report back on them at the next Council meeting,

HOLDS THE VIEW that in the sphere of air transport relations between the Community and third countries, the course taken in accordance with the Council conclusions of 15 March 1993 should be followed step by step, pragmatically and with the aim of pursuing Community interests.

Done at Luxembourg, 24 October 1994.

For the Council

The President


(1) OJ No L 187, 29. 7. 1993, p. 52.