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Document 31989Y0706(01)

Council Resolution of 20 June 1989 concerning cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research (COST) and the European Communities

OJ C 171, 6.7.1989, p. 1–2 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT)

In force


Council Resolution of 20 June 1989 concerning cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research (COST) and the European Communities

Official Journal C 171 , 06/07/1989 P. 0001 - 0002

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 20 June 1989 concerning cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research (COST) and the European Communities (89/C 171/01)


Having regard to the Commission's communication entitled "COST and the European Technology Community" submitted to the Council on 18 April 1988,

Having regard to the general resolution on scientific and technical research and development projects adopted by the Conference of European Research Ministers on 22/23 November 1971,

Having regard to the approval by the Council of the four categories of cooperation within the COST framework (1),

Having regard to the conclusions of the Committee of Senior Officials on the future role of COST adopted on 23 and 24 June 1986 (2),

Whereas the response by the President of the Council in his letter of 19 November 1986 relating to the conclusions of the COST Senior Officials Committee on the future role of COST stressed its important complementary role in relation to other forms of Community scientific and technical (S&

38;T) activity and its valuable role in the promotion of cooperation in research and development (R &

38;D) projects both between Member States and with other non-Community countries;

Whereas a report reviewing COST cooperation since its beginnings has pointed to the increasing numbers of projects carried out within the COST framework and has, in addition, underlined the strategic and organizational challenge facing COST;

Whereas the COST Senior Officials Committee has examined the communication of the Commission on COST and has set out its views in its Chairman's letter, dated 16 January 1989, addressed to the President of the Council;

Whereas practical initiatives have been taken within the COST framework in recent times in relation to new areas for research, increased publicity and the setting up of more efficient decision-making processes.

REAFFIRMS its view that COST is an important means for promoting European cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research and recognizes the specific advantages of COST, in terms of its flexibility and informality, the possibilities it affords for optional participation in its activities, its responsiveness to scientists' needs, and its economic efficiency;

URGES the Commission to take into account the complementary role that COST can play in respect of Community R &

38;D policy, in particular when considering any future proposals for the revision of the framework programme;

WELCOMES both the positive attitude towards COST in the Commission's communication and the Commission's intention to continue and to strengthen its support for the technical and administrative secretariats of COST projects, which is an essential component to the future success of COST;

RECOGNIZES that certain practical measures may be necessary to improve the functioning of COST and to meet the challenge of the changing context of international R &

38;D cooperation;

ENDORSES and approves, therefore, the views expressed by the COST Senior Officials in relation to the simplification and redefinition of the categories of COST actions. These comprise two categories - A and B - as follows: (1) OJ No C 100, 21.4.1979, p. 1. (2) OJ No C 247, 3.10.1986, p. 2. - concerted action projects forming an integral part of a Community R &

38;D programme, which are open on a multilateral basis to COST third state participation (Category A),

- concerted action projects, not forming part of a Community programme, proposed either by COST States or by the Commission. Individual COST States and the Commission may participate in these projects (Category B);

INVITES the COST senior Officials Committee and the Commission to pursue its examination of: - new areas for scientific and technical research appropriate for the COST framework,

- specific improvements to the functioning of COST, in particular the administration and management of projects;

RECOGNIZES the need for increased efforts to be made at the national level to publicize COST, thus ensuring that the scientific community and national policy makers are better informed of COST activities;

RECOGNIZES the advantages of opening COST Category B projects to participation from non-COST States, in particular from other European States on a case by case basis where there is a clear scientific justification and where the benefits are mutual;

INVITES all COST States and the Commission to give full support to the future development of the COST framework of S &

38T cooperation.