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Document 31980Y1231(04)

Resolution of the ECSC Consultative Committee on the social aspects of the iron and steel policy

OJ C 340, 31.12.1980, p. 7–7 (DA, DE, EN, FR, IT, NL)

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Resolution of the ECSC Consultative Committee on the social aspects of the iron and steel policy

Official Journal C 340 , 31/12/1980 P. 0007 - 0007

RESOLUTION OF THE ECSC CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE on the social aspects of the iron and steel policy (adopted unanimously at the 213th Session of 5 December 1980)


recalling the many resolutions adopted since 1978 in this context on the basis of assessments submitted by Messrs Vredeling and Davignon,

recalling that there has generally been a majority view at its sessions that industrial restructuring/redevelopment and the social measures to be taken at the European level are indissolubly linked,

recalling - the letter of 11 June 1980 sent by the President ofthe Committee to the President of the Council ofthe European Community which drew attentionto the need for the proposed decisions and totheir repercussions at both European and nationallevels,

- that at its session held on 16 October 1980 theConsultative Committee, in view of the deterioratingsteel market situation and in expressing amajority view in favour of applying Article 58,once again highlighted the essential correlationexisting between the economic measures and thesocial measures,

noting that the European Parliament has also approved the taking of European economic and social decisions simultaneously, and in giving its wholehearted support, urged that adequate funds be made available to the Commission in order to cofinance the aid envisaged,

noting that the various Councils of the EEC have for two years failed to take a decision on the social measures submitted to them and that examination of the issue has once again been postponed until the meeting of 15 and 16 December 1980,

THE CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (1) deplores the Council's failure to take a decisiondespite the agreements reached and the proposalsdrafted by the Commission, the European Parliamentand by the ECSC ConsultativeCommittee, and also by both sides of industry,

(2) regrets this breakdown which reflects a failure tohonour the social policy and responsibilitiesundertaken since 1952 by the ECSC and insiststhat social measures accompany the economicmeasures,

(3) strongly urges the European Parliament to firmlymaintain its demand for a substantial amount tobe entered in the 1981 Budget to cover the socialexpenses arising from the situation in the steelsector,

(4) authorizes the President to form a delegationfrom among the members to meet the Presidentof the European Parliament and the President ofthe Council as a matter of urgency in order tosubmit its point of view,

(5) appeals to all the Governments of the MemberStates to shoulder their responsibilities and meettheir commitments vis-à-vis the workers of theEuropean iron and steel sector who, along withtheir families, are currently bearing the brunt ofthe present crisis in human and social terms,

(6) insists that the next Council approve the socialaspects of the steel policy as regards both thepractical and the financial means of theirimplementation.