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Document 31974Y0720(01)

Council Resolution of 15 July 1974 on a Community policy on data processing

OJ C 86, 20.7.1974, p. 1–1 (DA, DE, EN, FR, IT, NL)
Greek special edition: Chapter 16 Volume 001 P. 6 - 6
Spanish special edition: Chapter 13 Volume 004 P. 13 - 13
Portuguese special edition: Chapter 13 Volume 004 P. 13 - 13

In force


Council Resolution of 15 July 1974 on a Community policy on data processing

Official Journal C 086 , 20/07/1974 P. 0001 - 0001
Greek special edition: Chapter 16 Volume 1 P. 0006
Spanish special edition: Chapter 13 Volume 4 P. 0013
Portuguese special edition Chapter 13 Volume 4 P. 0013

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 15 July 1974 on a Community policy on data processing


Aware of the importance of data processing for all aspects of modern society and hence for the Community and its economic and technological position in the world;

Aware that the structure of the data processing industry in the world is unbalanced and that the applications of data processing within the Community are not yet satisfactory;

Convinced that this situation should lead the Community to contribute to the design, development and manufacture of the various components of data processing systems through competitive European-based companies existing alongside the important companies controlled from outside the Community ; convinced that both can prosper in an expanding market;

Aware that effective competition is desirable and that the present situation makes appropriate measures necessary to encourage European-based companies to become more competitive;

Convinced that a more efficient and economical use of resources can be obtained through collaboration or, in suitable fields, through joint action on standards and applications, and through collaboration on public procurement policy;

Aware that producers' associations can help to make European-based companies competitive: 1. Intends to give a Community orientation to policies for encouraging and promoting data processing, and welcomes the Commission's intention to submit in 1974, after appropriate consultations, priority proposals concerning: (a) a limited number of joint projects of European interest in the field of data-processing applications;

(b) collaboration on standards and applications and in public procurement policy;

(c) the promotion of industrial development projects on areas of common interest involving transitional cooperation.

2. Will take a decision on these proposals no later than six months after the European Parliament has given its Opinion.

3. Considers that it is desirable to prepare, in the medium term, a systematic Community programme to promote research, industrial development and applications of data processing. This programme would provide for the coordination of national promotion and Community financing in appropriate fields of joint European interest, with the central aim of ensuring that by the early 1980's there is a fully viable and competitive European-based industry in all the fields concerned.

4. Invites the Commission: - to accompany its proposals with details of their financial implications, including, where appropriate, the cost to the Communities' Budget for each of the next five years;

- to submit annually, by 1 July at the latest, in the light of all decisions taken by the Council subsequent to this resolution, a report to the European Parliament and the Council on all expenditure incurred as a result of such decisions;

- to submit to the Council, by the end of 1975, a report on developments in the data processing sector in the Community in relation to the world situation.