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Document 31974Y0614(01)

Council Resolution of 4 June 1974 concerning the supply of enriched uranium of the Community

OJ C 69, 14.6.1974, p. 1–2 (DA, DE, EN, FR, IT, NL)
Spanish special edition: Chapter 12 Volume 002 P. 7 - 7
Portuguese special edition: Chapter 12 Volume 002 P. 7 - 7

In force


Council Resolution of 4 June 1974 concerning the supply of enriched uranium of the Community

Official Journal C 069 , 14/06/1974 P. 0001 - 0002
Spanish special edition: Chapter 12 Volume 2 P. 0007
Portuguese special edition Chapter 12 Volume 2 P. 0007

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 4 June 1974 concerning the supply of enriched uranium of the Community

THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, 1. having noted the report prepared by the Standing Committee on Uranium Enrichment set up at its meeting of 22 May 1973 and the communication from the Commission of 29 November 1973, has held an extensive exchange of views on the situation of the Community as regards the supply of enriched uranium;

2. as stated in its resolution of 22 May 1973, considers that it is necessary for industry within the Community to acquire a uranium enrichment capacity enabling it to cover, as from the beginning of the next decade, at least a substantial and growing part of the Community's requirements and that it should be the task of the firms to determine, in the light of economic and commercial factors, the actual level of the capacities to be achieved;

3. to contribute to the attainment of this objective and in accordance with the wish expressed by the Heads of State and of Government at their meeting in Copenhagen; (a) notes with satisfaction: - that the developers of ultra-centrifuging and gas diffusion in Europe have decided to enter into the construction phase of their projects,

- that they have expressed their intention to hold exchanges of views on their respective projects,

- that European users have already decided or stated their intention to make use of the European enrichment industries to cover a part of their requirements for enriched uranium;

(b) recommends: (i) that the exchanges of views between producers continue with a view to concerted, harmonious development of the existing projects as long as the situation requires.

Without prejudice to the producers' freedom of choice, these talks should deal with: - the construction of their uranium enrichment facilities,

- the operation of these facilities,

- the possibilities of setting up a scheme for reciprocal support to act as a mutual guarantee in the event of technical failure;

(ii) that European users: - given equal economic and commercial conditions, place their orders preferably with the European uranium-enrichment firms,

- seek to coordinate the building up and use made of security stocks;

(c) stresses the paramount importance of uranium-enrichment projects for the development of the nuclear industry in the Community and, with this in mind and as a result of action taken on the above recommendation, agrees to examine the applications it receives for the granting of Joint Undertaking status and the advantages provided for in Annex III to the Treaty, to undertakings concerned with the production of enriched uranium and their joint organs set up to achieve the coordination recommended by the Council;

(d) notes that the Commission will keep it regularly informed of the nuclear fuel supply situation, will take all necessary measures in agreement with the Council and will make all appropriate proposals to further the implementation of this resolution.