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Document C:1998:329:TOC

Official Journal of the European Communities, C 329, 27 October 1998

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Official Journal
of the European Communities
ISSN 0378-6986

C 329
Volume 41
27 October 1998
English editionInformation and Notices

I Information
98/C 329/01Ecu 1
98/C 329/02List of documents forwarded by the Commission to the Council during the period 12.10. to 16.10.1998 (1) 2
98/C 329/03Opinion of the Advisory Committee on Concentrations delivered at its 49th meeting, held on 30 September 1997, concerning a preliminary draft Decision in Case IV/M.938 — Guinness/Grand Metropolitan 3
98/C 329/04Prior notification of a concentration (Case No IV/M.1114 — SAP/Heidelberger) (1) 4
98/C 329/05Application for negative clearance and notification for exemption (Case No IV/37.161 — Financial Times/Goldman Sachs) (1) 5
98/C 329/06Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty — Cases where the Commission raises no objections 6
II Preparatory Acts
98/C 329/07Amended proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on the registration and use within the Community of certain types of civil subsonic jet aeroplanes which have been modified and recertified as meeting the standards of Volume I, Part II, Chapter 3 of Annex 16 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, third edition (July 1993) (1) 10
98/C 329/08Amended proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on coordinating aid to the applicant countries in the framework of the pre-accession strategy 13
(1) Text with EEA relevance