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Document C:2003:209:TOC

Official Journal of the European Union, C 209, 04 September 2003

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Official Journal
of the European Union
ISSN 1725-2423

C 209
Volume 46
4 September 2003
English editionInformation and Notices

Notice NoContents

I Information
2003/C 209/01Euro exchange rates 1
2003/C 209/02State aid — Belgium — Invitation to submit comments pursuant to Article 88(2) of the EC Treaty concerning measure C 26/03 (ex N 351/02) — Change to the scheme for coordination centres (1) 2
2003/C 209/03State aid -- Spain — Invitation to submit comments pursuant to Article 88(2) of the EC Treaty, concerning measure C 47/03 (ex NN 49/03) — Spain — Delivery Guarantees for three LNG tankers (1) 24
2003/C 209/04Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty — Cases where the Commission raises no objections (1) 29
II Preparatory Acts

III Notices
2003/C 209/05Call for proposals for indirect actions under the Multiannual Community Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet and new online technologies (2003 to 2004) (Safer Internet Action Plan) (1) 30

2003/C 209/06Operation of scheduled air services — Invitation to tender regarding the operation of scheduled air services between Brive (Laroche) and Paris (Orly) ("Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union" No C 201 of 26.8.2003 and S 162 of 26.8.2003, 148409-2003) (1) 33
EN(1) Text with EEA relevance