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Sector 6 renumbering

Click the following link to see the document in its new CELEX format.:  CELEX:62008CJ0271

The old celex number for sector 6 are converted to a new format. Here is the table that is used to make the conversion:

Court of justice Court of first instance Civil service tribunal
Judgement J CJ A TJ W FJ
Order O CO B TO K FO
Opinion C CC F TC
Seizure S CS
Third party proceeding T CT D TT FT
Opinion V CV
Ruling X CX
Decision D CD
Opinion P CP
New case (published in OJ C) P+C CN H+C TN N+C FN
Judgement (published in OJ C) J+C CA A+C TA W+C FA
Order (published in OJ C) O+C CB B+C TB K+C FB
Request for an opinion (published in OJ C) U+C CU

Please have a look to the following conversion examples:

  • 62001J0408 > 62001CJ0408
  • 62006O0457C(02) > 62006CB0457(02)
  • 62007P0469C(01) > 62007CN0469(01)
  • 62006O0457C(01) > 62006CB0457(01)
  • 62006J0528C(01) > 62006CA528(01)