Joint action to combat racism and xenophobia


To adopt rules to combat racism and xenophobia in order to prevent the perpetrators of such offences from exploiting the fact that racist and xenophobic activities are classified differently in different states by moving from one country to another in order to escape criminal proceedings or avoid serving sentences and thus pursue their activities with impunity.


Joint action/96/443/JHA of 15 July 1996 adopted by the Council on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, concerning action to combat racism and xenophobia.


In the interests of combating racism and xenophobia, each Member State must undertake, in accordance with the procedure laid down in point 4, to ensure effective judicial cooperation in respect of offences based on the following types of behaviour, and, if necessary, for the purposes of that cooperation, to take steps to see that such behaviour is punishable as a criminal offence:

In the case of investigations into, and/or proceedings against, offences based on the types of behaviour listed above, each Member State must, in accordance with point 3, improve judicial cooperation in the following areas and take appropriate measures for:

Nothing in this Joint Action may be interpreted as affecting any obligations which Member States may have under the international instruments listed below.

Member States must implement this Joint Action consistently with such obligations and will refer to the definitions and principles contained in such instruments when so doing:

Each Member State must bring forward appropriate proposals to implement this joint action for consideration by the competent authorities with a view to their adoption.

4) deadline for implementation of the legislation in the member states

5) date of entry into force (if different from the above)


6) references

Official Journal L 185 of 24.07.1996

7) follow-up work

8) implementing measures

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