MISSOC - Mutual information system on social protection

In 1990, the European Commission launched MISSOC, the "Mutual information system on social protection", to allow a continuous and full exchange of information on social protection in Europe.


MISSOC programme: Mutual information system on social protection, launched in March 1990.


MISSOC (the Mutual Information System on SOCial protection) was established in 1990 and has become a prime source of information on the status of social protection in Europe. MISSOC now covers all 25 Member States of the European Union (EU), the three other States of the European Economic Area -- Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway -- since 2000, and Switzerland since 2002.

The MISSOC programme depends on close co-operation between the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs and a network of representatives of the participating States. A secretariat appointed by the DG Employment and Social Affairs is responsible for coordinating the network, arranging meetings, collecting information, managing the IT system and preparing and distributing the publications.

Each participating State is represented by one or two correspondents in national ministries or institutions responsible for social protection, who supply the information and make sure that what is published is accurate. The MISSOC network meets twice a year (May and October) in the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Work carried out

MISSOC is based on information supplied by the ministries and authorities responsible for social protection. It produces regularly updated comparative tables covering all areas of social protection and MISSOC info bulletins on specific topics such as people with disabilities, health care, the elderly and the main changes in the social protection systems.

Information on social protection legislation in the Central and Eastern European countries was compiled in the MISSOC II project. The aim was to obtain information in a manner consistent with the MISSOC Tables.

Last updated: 21.03.2005