Entrepreneurship 2020: a three-step plan for unlocking Europe’s entrepreneurship potential

The entrepreneurship 2020 action plan is a blueprint to reinvigorate Europe’s entrepreneurial culture. It focuses on education and training and creating the right environment, as well as role models and reaching out to specific groups.


Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: Entrepreneurship 2020 action plan - reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe (COM(2012) 795 final - not published in the Official Journal)


The entrepreneurship 2020 action plan Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe aims to support entrepreneurs, who play an essential role in boosting employment, growth and a stronger economy. Europe's new companies alone, particularly small businesses, generate more than four million new jobs every year.

The action plan seeks to change the culture and attitudes of European citizens with regard to entrepreneurship and to see it as an attractive and realistic career. It invites Member States to make entrepreneurship education a mandatory part of school education and aims to change the public ’s perception of entrepreneurs, so that they get the recognition and support they deserve. The action plan also addresses the multiple barriers faced by would-be entrepreneurs, such as the lack of appropriate education and training, difficulty in accessing credits and markets, problems in transferring businesses, fear and stigma of failure and too much red tape.

The action plan’s proposals, which are to be put into action by administrations at all appropriate levels (European, national, regional and local) and of which only a selection are shown here, are grouped under three headings.

Entrepreneurial education and training

Creation of an environment where entrepreneurs can flourish and grow

Role models and reaching out to specific groups

Work on the entrepreneurship 2020 action plan proposals started in 2013, with EU bodies and EU governments sharing their know-how, learning and good practices.

The action plan builds on cooperation under the Small Business Act for Europe to reduce red tape on businesses. An SME envoy is responsible for following the plan’s proposals in each country.


Entrepreneurship 2020 - EU action plan: citizens’ summary

Last updated: 10.03.2014