WRITTEN QUESTION No. 1036/97 by Hiltrud BREYER to the Commission. Completion of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce, Slovak Republic

Official Journal C 367 , 04/12/1997 P. 0070

WRITTEN QUESTION E-1036/97 by Hiltrud Breyer (V) to the Commission (19 March 1997)

Subject: Completion of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce, Slovak Republic

The pressurized water reactors Mochovce I and II in the Slovak Republic, which would be the first nuclear power plant complexes in central and eastern Europe, are to be brought up to western safety standards with EU assistance. This is a project which the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has refused to finance because it regards the plan as unrealistic. Now the European Mochovce Consortium (EUCOM), consisting of Siemens and Framatom, has been commissioned by the Slovak energy supply company Slovenske Elektrame (SE) to complete the partly-built plant. In this connection, Siemens has applied to the German Government for a guarantee under the Hermes scheme.

1. Does the Commission agree that supporting a nuclear energy policy in the Slovak Republic will impede the development of an efficient, environmentally sound energy supply system and that as a result energy consumption levels will remain high?

2. Does it agree that Austria's interests are being harmed by the involvement of France and Germany in the Slovak Republic? What kind of discussions, if any, are being conducted on this matter?

3. Does the Commission know how and where the radioactive waste produced if the Mochovce plant is brought into service will be processed and stored?

Answer given by Mr Van den Broek on behalf of the Commission (5 May 1997)

The Commission is not involved in financing the Mochovce nuclear power plant, consequently it cannot comment on matters which are the concern of specific Member States, in this case Germany, France and Austria.

With regard to the storage of radioactive waste, the situation in the Slovak Republic is identical to that described in the answer given by the Commission to the Honourable Member's Written Question No E-2853/96 ((OJ C 96, 24.3.1997. )). The Slovak authorities are currently studying long-term solutions for the storage of this waste.