WRITTEN QUESTION No. 2850/96 by Hiltrud BREYER to the Council. Nuclear industry in the Slovak Republic

Official Journal C 105 , 03/04/1997 P. 0028

WRITTEN QUESTION E-2850/96 by Hiltrud Breyer (V) to the Council (23 October 1996)

Subject: Nuclear industry in the Slovak Republic

1. By what percentage are the additional costs for the reconstruction of Bohunice and the completion and retrofitting of Mochovce likely to exceed the costs as originally estimated?

2. (a) Experience suggests that with complex projects of this nature over a long period of time which is difficult to plan in advance the budget can be exceeded by several thousand percent. Are there any additional Hermes and Cofase financial guarantees, and who is responsible for this?

(b) Who assesses the needs?

(c) Who decides on whether to provide additional loans?

(d) Who pays the additional costs?

3. What liability obligations and costs are being borne by Siemens and Framatome, and what are the implications of this?

Joint reply to Written Questions E-2846/96, E-2848/96, E-2850/96, E-2852/96 and E-2854/96 (13 February 1997)

1. The Council attaches the greatest importance to the protection of the environment against the dangers of ionizing radiation. Article 80, concerning nuclear safety, of the Europe Agreement establishing the Association with the Slovak Republic stipulates that the aim of the cooperation is to provide for a safer use of nuclear energy. This aspect of cooperation covers several of the areas to which the Honourable Member refers and includes the exchange of information and experience and research and development activities.

2. The Honourable Member might also note that at the last Association Council meeting with the Slovak Republic the Community side stressed the importance of energy and, in particular, nuclear safety, for Slovakia and its role in the country's preparation for accession. The Community is strongly committed to a high level of safety in nuclear power stations and to close cooperation to achieve this. The Community stresses the need to ensure that Slovak nuclear power stations that do not conform to internationally recognized safety guidelines are shut down as soon as possible.

3. It should also be noted that the Slovak republic has acceded to the IAEA Convention (Vienna) on nuclear safety principles and has thereby subscribed to the safety requirements laid down by that Convention.