Official Journal of the European Union

C 270/17

Request for a preliminary ruling from the Ondernemingsrechtbank Antwerpen (Belgium) lodged on 10 May 2019 — Belgische Vereniging van Auteurs, Componisten en Uitgevers CVBA (SABAM) v BVBA Weareone.World, NV Wecandance

(Case C-372/19)

(2019/C 270/19)

Language of the case: Dutch

Referring court

Ondernemingsrechtbank Antwerpen

Parties to the main proceedings

Applicant: Belgische Vereniging van Auteurs, Componisten en Uitgevers CVBA (SABAM)

Defendants: BVBA Weareone.World, NV Wecandance

Questions referred

Must Article 102 TFEU, whether or not read in conjunction with Article 16 of Directive 2014/26/EU (1) on collective management of copyright and related rights and the multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use in the internal market, be interpreted as meaning that there is abuse of a dominant position if a copyright management company which has a de facto monopoly in a Member State, applies a remuneration model to organisers of musical events for the right to communicate musical works to the public, based among other things on turnover,


which uses a flat-rate tariff in tranches, instead of a tariff that takes into account the precise share (making use of advanced technical tools) of the music repertoire protected by the management company played during the event?


which makes licence fees dependent on external elements such as, inter alia, the admission price, the price of refreshments, the artistic budget for the performers and the budget for other elements, such as decor?

(1)  OJ 2014 L 84, p. 72.