Official Journal of the European Union

C 30/2

Judgment of the Court (Fifth Chamber) of 23 November 2016 — European Commission v Stichting Greenpeace Nederland, Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe)

(Case C-673/13 P) (1)

((Appeal - Access to documents of the institutions - Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 - Environment - Aarhus Convention - Regulation (EC) No 1367/2006 - Article 6(1) - Risk of an adverse effect on the commercial interests of a natural or legal person - Concept of ‘information relating to emissions into the environment’ - Documents relating to the authorisation procedure for an active substance contained in plant protection products - Active substance glyphosate))

(2017/C 030/02)

Language of the case: English


Appellant: European Commission (represented by: B. Smulders, P. Ondrůšek, P. Oliver, and by L. Pignataro-Nolin, Agents)

Other parties to the proceedings: American Chemistry Council Inc. (ACC), CropLife America Inc., National Association of Manufacturers of the United States of America (NAM) (respresented by: M. Abenhaïm, avocat, K. Nordlander, advokat, and P. Harrison, Solicitor), CropLife International AISBL (CLI) (represented by: D. Abrahams, Barrister, R. Cana and E. Mullier, avocats, and A. Patsa, dikigoros), European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) (represented by: I. Antypas and D. Waelbroeck, avocats, and D. Slater, Solicitor), European Crop Care Association (ECCA) (represented by S. Pappas, dikigoros), Federal Republic of Germany (represented by: T. Henze and A. Lippstreu, acting as Agents,

The other parties to the proceedings being: Stichting Greenpeace Nederland, Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe) (represented by: B. Kloostra and A. van den Biesen, advocaten)

Intervener in support of the respondent: Kingdom of Sweden (represented by: E. Karlsson, L. Swedenborg, A. Falk, U. Persson, C. Meyer-Seitz and N. Otte Widgren, acting as Agents)

Operative part of the judgment

The Court:


Sets aside the judgment of the General Court of the European Union of 8 October 2013, Stichting Greenpeace Nederland and PAN Europe v Commission (T-545/11, EU:T:2013:523);


Refers Case T-545/11 back to the General Court of the European Union;


Reserves the costs

(1)  OJ C 71, 8.3.2014.