Official Journal of the European Union

C 208/4

Winding-Up Proceedings

Decision to start winding-up proceedings in respect of LAMP Insurance Company Limited

(Publication made in accordance with Article 280 of Directive 2009/138/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance (Solvency II))

(2019/C 208/04)

Insurance undertaking

LAMP Insurance Company Limited

Address of registered office:

Suite 822, Europort 8

PO Box 708

Europort Road


Date, entry into force and nature of decision

On 31 May 2019, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar appointed (with immediate effect) the Official Receiver as liquidator of LAMP Insurance Company Limited under S.160 Insolvency Act 2011.

The Official Receiver has appointed Grant Thornton Gibraltar as Adviser and Agent to undertake the liquidation of LAMP Insurance Company Limited.

The Liquidator through its agent will coordinate with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the United Kingdom to ensure that the claims of eligible UK policyholders are processed and submitted to the Compensation Scheme.

The Liquidator through its agent will adjudicate on non UK insurance claims for the admission of such claims in the liquidation estate. Any distribution to insurance creditors may only occur if there has been a successful realisation of assets.

Entry into force: 31 May 2019

Competent authorities

Supreme Court of Gibraltar

The Law Courts

227 Main Street


Supervisory authority

Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Suite 3, Ground Floor

Atlantic Suites

Europort Avenue

PO Box 940


Liquidator appointed

The Official Receiver

H.M. Government of Gibraltar

Treasury Department

206/210 Main Street


Adviser to the Official Receiver & Agent:

Grant Thornton Gibraltar

6A Queensway

PO Box 64


Applicable law

Gibraltar law

Financial Services (Insurance Companies) (Solvency II Directive) Act 2015

Insolvency Act 2011

Insolvency Rules 2014

Companies Act 2014