Official Journal of the European Union

C 15/2

Notice for the attention of certain persons and entities subject to the restrictive measures provided for in Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP and Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine

(2017/C 15/02)

The following information is brought to the attention of Mr Rustam Ilmirovich TEMIRGALIEV (no. 3), Mr Sergei Vladimirovich ZHELEZNYAK (no. 17), Mr Leonid Eduardovich SLUTSKI (no. 18) Mr Aleksandr Viktorovich GALKIN (no. 21), Mr Sergei Evgenevich NARYSHKIN (no. 25), Mr Alexander Mihailovich NOSATOV (no. 27), Mr Oleg Yevgenyvich BELAVENTSEV (no. 35), Mr Sergei Ivanovich MENYAILO (no. 37), Mr German PROKOPIV (no.43), Mr Igor Vsevolodovich GIRKIN (no. 48), Mr Vyacheslav Viktorovich VOLODIN (no. 49), Mr Vladimir Anatolievich SHAMANOV (no. 50), Mr Vladimir Nikolaevich PLIGIN (no. 51), Mr Petr Grigorievich JAROSH (no. 52), Mr Igor Nikolaevich BEZLER (no. 55), Mr Oleg TSARIOV (no. 57), Mr Roman Viktorovich LYAGIN (no. 58), Mr Aleksandr Sergeevich MALYKHIN (no. 59), Ms. Natalia Vladimirovna POKLONSKAYA (no. 60), Mr Aleksandr Yurevich BORODAI (no. 62), Mr Alexander KHRYAKOV (no. 65), Mr Marat Faatovich BASHIROV (no. 66), Mr Aleksey Vyacheslavovich KARYAKIN (no. 68), Mr Mikhail Efimovich FRADKOV (no. 73), Mr Boris Vyacheslavovich GRYZLOV (no. 77), Mr Mikhail Vladimirovich DEGTYAREV (no. 79), Mr Valery Vladimirovich KAUROV (no. 85), Mr Serhii Anatoliyovych ZDRILIUK (no. 86), Ms. Oksana TCHIGRINA (no. 89), Mr Boris Alekseevich LITVINOV (no. 90), Mr Andrey Yurevich PINCHUK (no. 100), Mr Mikhail Sergeyevich SHEREMET (no.105), Mr Leonid Ivanovich KALASHNIKOV (no. 110), Mr Vladimir Stepanovich NIKITIN (no. 111), Mr Oleg Vladimirovich LEBEDEV (no. 112), Mr Nikolai Vladimirovich LEVICHEV (no. 115), Mr Alexander Mikhailovich BABAKOV (119), Mr Oleg Konstantinovich AKIMOV (no. 121), Ms. Larisa Leonidovna AIRAPETYAN (no. 122), Mr Yuriy Viktorovich SIVOKONENKO (no. 123), Mr Dmitry Aleksandrovich SEMYONOV (no. 126), Mr Ihor Vladymyrovych KOSTENOK (no. 130), Mr Mikhail Sergeevich TOLSTYKH (no. 136), Mr Eduard Aleksandrovich BASURIN (no. 137), Mr Alexandr Vasilievich SHUBIN (138), Mr Sergey Anatolievich LITVIN (no. 139), Ms. Ekaterina FILIPPOVA (no. 141), Mr Aleksandr Yurievich TIMOFEEV (no. 142), Mr Arkady Viktorovich BAKHIN no. 148), Mr Iosif (Joseph) Davydovich KOBZON (no. 150), and Donbas People’s Militia (entity listed under no. 10), Vostok battalion (entity listed under no. 11), Sparta battalion (entity listed under no. 30), Somali battalion (entity listed under no. 31), Prizrak brigade (entity listed under no. 33), Kalmius battalion (entity listed under no. 35), Death battalion (entity listed under no. 36), appearing in the Annex to Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP (1) and in Annex I to Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 (2) concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

The Council is considering maintaining the restrictive measures against the abovementioned persons and entities with new statements of reasons. Those persons and entities are hereby informed that they may submit a request to the Council to obtain the intended statements of reasons for their designation, before 23 January 2017, to the following address:

Council of the European Union

General Secretariat


Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175

1048 Bruxelles/Brussel


E-mail: sanctions@consilium.europa.eu

The persons and entities concerned may submit at any time a request to the Council, together with any supporting documentation, that the decision to include and maintain them on the list should be reconsidered, to the address provided above. Such requests will be considered when they are received. In this respect, the attention of the persons and entities concerned is drawn to the regular review by the Council of the list. In order for requests to be considered at the next review, they should be submitted by 7 February 2017.

(1)  OJ L 78, 17.3.2014, p. 16.

(2)  OJ L 78, 17.3.2014, p. 6.