Official Journal of the European Union

C 319/3

Communication from the Commission relating to the overall allocation of certain quotas opened by the European Union for products in the rice sector in 2013

2013/C 319/05

Commission Regulation (EU) No 1274/2009 (1) opened tariff quotas for the import of rice originating in the overseas countries and territories (OCT).

The overall allocation for 2013 of each quota provided for by that Regulation is set out in the Annex to this communication.

(1)  OJ L 344, 23.12.2009, p. 3.


Overall allocation for 2013 of the quotas under Regulation (EU) No 1274/2009


Order number

Import licence applications introduced for the September 2013 subperiod

Overall allocation of the quota for 2013

Netherlands Antilles and Aruba



0 %

Least developed OCTs



0 %

(1)  No allocation coefficient for this subperiod: no licence applications were sent to the Commission.