Official Journal of the European Union

C 41/8


Imports of textile products from Bangladesh into the Community

(2008/C 41/06)

The European Commission informs Community operators that there is reasonable doubt as to the origin of textile products of HS chapters 61 and 62 from Bangladesh, for which the benefit of GSP preferential tariff treatment is claimed.

Within the framework of a Community administrative and investigative cooperation mission carried out in Bangladesh with the assistance of the local authorities, it was found that a significant proportion of Form A origin certificates were either false or issued on the basis of fraudulent or misleading information.

Community operators declaring and/or presenting documentary evidence of origin for imports of textile products of HS chapters 61 and 62 from Bangladesh are therefore advised to take all the necessary precautions, since the release of the goods in question for free circulation may give rise to a customs debt and lead to fraud against the Community's financial interests.

This notice replaces the Notice to importers — Textile products imported into the Community from Bangladesh under the generalised system of preferences (GSP) published in OJ C 119 of 30.4.1999, which reminded importers that they should always exercise due care over Form A origin certificates.