Official Journal of the European Union

C 161/8

Information communicated by Member States regarding State aid granted under Commission Regulation (EC) No 68/2001 of 12 January 2001 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to training aid

(2005/C 161/05)

(Text with EEA relevance)

Aid No: XT 24/03

Member State: Italy

Region: Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Title of aid scheme: In-service continuing training measures for employees within the meaning of Act No 236/93 and successive ministerial circulars

Legal basis:

Il regime di aiuto si basa sul Bando Provinciale con oggetto: ‘Apertura dei termini per la presentazione delle domande di contributo per azioni di formazione continua aziendale rivolta a lavoratori dipendenti ai sensi della L. 236/93 ed alle successive Circolari Ministeriali’ autorizzato con Delibera della G.P. n. 5166 del 30/12/2002.

Annual expenditure planned under the scheme: EUR 784 241,00.

Average annual expenditure cannot be forecast, because the notice provides that projects can be submitted every month until the available funding is exhausted, but no later than 31 December 2006.

Maximum aid intensity:

Large enterprises

Specific training: 25 %

General training: 50 %


Specific training: 35 %

General training: 70 %

The above rates of intensity are increased by


five percentage points where the measures are aimed at firms in areas which qualify for regional aid under Article 87(3)(c) of the Treaty;


ten percentage points where the training is given to disadvantaged workers within the meaning of Article 2(g) of Regulation (EC) No 68/2001.

Date of implementation:

Duration of scheme: Until the available funds are exhausted.

Objective of aid: The aid is intended for general and special training. The provincial notice, authorised by order of the Provincial Executive No 5166 of 30 December 2002, gives precise definitions of the two kinds of training, in line with Regulation (EC) No 68/2001. The assessment board will check whether each project submitted meets the definitions of general or specific training, and whether the intensity of the aid applied for is correct. If the aid intensity applied for does not comply, the board will revise the estimates and the total expenditure stated in the application accordingly.

Economic sector(s) concerned: All sectors.

Name and address of granting authority:

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano:

Ripartizione 21 — Formazione Professionale in Lingua Italiana

Via Santa Geltrude, 3

39100 Bolzano

Direttrice di Ripartizione:

Dott.ssa Barbara Repetto Visentini;

Ripartizione 20 — Formazione Professionale in Lingua Tedesca e Ladina

Via Dante, 3

39100 Bolzano

Direttore di Ripartizione: Dr. Peter Duregger.

Other information: The notice announcing the scheme was published in the official gazette of the region, BUR No 4, supplemento 1, 28.1.2003; it allows recipient firms to choose between aid scheme status under Regulation (EC) No 68/2001, and de minimis status under Regulation (EC) No 69/2001.

Aid No: XT 26/03

Member State: United Kingdom

Region: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Objective 1 Area.

Title of aid scheme: Objective 1 Programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly 2000 — 2006

Legal basis:

Learning and Skills Act 2000

Employment Act 1973, Section 2(1) and 2(2) substantiated by Section 25 of the Employment and Training Act 1998

Section 5 & 6, Regional Development Agencies Act 1998

Section 2 of the Employment and Training Act 1993

Further and Higher Education Act 1992

Annual expenditure planned under the scheme: Total ESF Expenditure

(Measures 1.7; 3.2; 3.3; 3.5 and 5.4)

GBP 20,16 milion

Annual expenditure

Maximum aid intensity:


35 % to large enterprises for specific training


45 % to SMEs for specific training


60 % to large enterprises for general training


80 % to SMEs for general training

(increased intensities apply as Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are an Article 87(3)(a) assisted area).

Where aid is provided to a disadvantaged worker as defined in Article 2(g) the aid intensity can be increased by 10 %

No one undertaking shall receive aid exceeding EUR 1 000 000

Date of implementation:

Duration of scheme or individual aid award:

Objective of the aid: The ESF element of the Objective 1 programme is a broad based training and development programme which aims to improve the employability of unemployed people including disadvantaged workers, to promote lifelong learning for those in and out of employment, to improve the skills base and adaptability of the employed labour force and reduce the level of disadvantage faced by women in the labour market. Training aid covered by this exemption covers those measures in the programme that provide aid to employees and enterprises.

General Training

The majority of training supported through Objective 1 is general in nature. It is applicable not only to an employees' present or future position in the enterprise being assisted because the provision of qualifications provides transferable skills that substantially improve the employability of the employee concerned. Where training leads to the award of National Vocational qualifications and Key Skills Qualifications training will be considered to be general in nature.

Specific Training

Where training provided through Objective 1 is principally applicable to the employee's present or future position in the assisted enterprise and provides qualifications that are not transferable, the maximum aid intensities for specific training will apply.

Economic sectors concerned: All sectors.

Name and address of the granting authority:

Department for Work and Pensions

ESF Division


Sheffield S1 4PQ

0114 267 7306

Other information: Objective 1 Contact:

Janet Woolley

Government Office for the South West

Mast House

24 Sutton Road

Plymouth PL4 0HJ

01725 65022