1999/691/CFSP: Council Common Position of 22 October 1999 on support to democratic forces in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)

Official Journal L 273 , 23/10/1999 P. 0001 - 0001


of 22 October 1999

on support to democratic forces in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)



Having regard to the Treaty on European Union and in particular Article 15 thereof,


(1) in its conclusions of 19 July 1999 the Council attached great importance to developing contacts with all democratic forces, including democratically governed municipalities in the country, with the aim of fostering democratisation in the FRY;

(2) the Council also agreed that ways and means should be identified to alleviate the situation of those forces, including by providing energy;

(3) the Council also stressed the distinction between the Belgrade regime and the population of the FRY, which will be taken into account in decisions on sanctions;

(4) in its conclusions of 13 September 1999, the Council reaffirmed its intention to continue to support democratic change in the FRY and to reach out to the Serbian people and democratic forces in the country in their efforts to promote democratisation and civil society;

(5) the Council agreed that the time has come to establish formal contacts with the representatives of democratic forces in the FRY;

(6) the Council decided to invite representatives of the democratic opposition parties and civil society in Serbia and of the Government of Montenegro to meet for discussions to support them in their efforts to promote democratisation;

(7) the Council also agreed to re-evaluate the present support activities and intensify concrete projects of the Union in Serbia in relevant fields, such as support for democratic media;

(8) the Council strongly supported the launching of the pilot project proposed by G17 in the framework of the "Energy for Democracy" initiative, under which the cities of Nis and Pirot will first be provided with heating oil as energy assistance; the project could later be expanded to other municipalities,


Article 1

In order to foster democratisation in the FRY, the European Union will actively support all forces which demonstrate their full commitment to democratic values.

Article 2

The support stated in Article 1 shall be geared in particular to the following activities:

- developing dialogue with democratically oriented local leaders and leaders of civic organisations, inter alia, through meetings in the margins of the General Affairs Council;

- establishing a shared process which will provide a forum for genuine discussion on political and technical issues;

- supporting the launching of the pilot project proposed by G17 in the framwork of the "Energy for Democracy" initiative on providing Serbian municipalities with energy;

- intensifying support for democratic media and other relevant fields.

Article 3

This Common Position shall take effect on the date of its adoption.

Article 4

This Common Position shall be published in the Official Journal.

Done at Luxembourg, 22 October 1999.

For the Council

The President