Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community - Title IV - General provisions - Article 95

Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community - Title IV - General provisions - Article 95

In all cases not provided for in this Treaty where it becomes apparent that a decision or recommendation of the Commission is necessary to attain, within the common market in coal and steel and in accordance with Article 5, one of the objectives of the Community set out in Articles 2, 3 and 4, the decision may be taken or the recommendation made with the unanimous assent of the Council and after the Consultative Committee has been consulted.

Any decision so taken or recommendation so made shall determine what penalties, if any, may be imposed.

If, after the end of the transitional period provided in the Convention on the Transitional Provisions, unforeseen difficulties emerging in the light of experience in the application of this Treaty, or fundamental economic or technical changes directly affecting the common market in coal and steel, make it necessary to adapt the rules for the Commission's exercise of its powers, appropriate amendments may be made; they must not, however, conflict with the provisions of Articles 2, 3 and 4 or interfere with the relationship between the powers of the Commission and those of the other institutions of the Community.

These amendments shall be proposed jointly by the Commission and the Council, acting by a twelve fifteenths majority of its members, and shall be submitted to the Court for its opinion. In considering them, the Court shall have full power to assess all points of fact and of law. If as a result of such consideration it finds the proposals compatible with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, they shall be forwarded to the European Parliament and shall enter into force if approved by a majority of three quarters of the votes cast and two thirds of the Members of the European Parliament.*

* Fourth paragraph as amended by Article 14 AA A/FIN/SWE in the version resulting from Article 7 AD AA A/FIN/SWE.