Official Journal of the European Union

C 242/5

Summary of European Commission Decisions on authorisations for the placing on the market for the use and/or for use of substances listed in Annex XIV to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

(Published pursuant to Article 64(9) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006  (1) )

(Text with EEA relevance)

(2017/C 242/05)

Decisions granting an authorisation

Reference of the decision (2)

Date of decision

Substance name

Holder of the authorisation

Authorisation number

Authorised use

Date of expiry of review period

Reasons for the decision

C(2017) 5025

20 July 2017


EC No 203-924-4

CAS No 111-96-6

Novartis Ringaskiddy Limited, Ringaskiddy, County Cork, Ireland


Use of diglyme as solvent in the manufacturing process of an intermediate for further conversion into a pharmaceutical compound used in medicinal products for treatment of respiratory diseases

22 August 2024

In accordance with Article 60(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, the risks to human health arising from the use of the substance are adequately controlled.

There are no suitable alternatives at present and search for them is ongoing under a 7-year replacement programme.

(1)  OJ L 396, 30.12.2006, p. 1.

(2)  The decision is available on the European Commission website at: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/chemicals/reach/about/index_en.htm