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Document 32016C1224(01)

Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities for 2017

OJ C 484, 24.12.2016, p. 7–8 (BG, ES, CS, DA, DE, ET, EL, EN, FR, HR, IT, LV, LT, HU, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, FI, SV)



Official Journal of the European Union

C 484/7

Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities for 2017

(2016/C 484/02)

We are at a critical juncture for the European Union. This is a time of many global, economic, environmental and societal challenges. European citizens therefore expect the European Union to make a concrete difference in helping address the biggest of these challenges.

Delivering results where they are most needed requires that the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission work closely together, in particular when it comes to the European legislative process. That is why we have committed, in paragraph 7 of the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making of 13 April 2016, reflecting Article 17(1) of the Treaty on European Union, to agree each year on a number of proposals to which we want to give priority treatment in the legislative process.

While continuing to work on all legislative proposals, the following initiatives will be given priority treatment in the legislative process to ensure substantial progress and, where possible, their delivery before the end of 2017:


Giving a new boost to jobs, growth and investment, notably through the doubling and strengthening of the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI 2.0), the modernisation of Trade Defence Instruments, the improvement of waste management in a circular economy, completing, as part of the efforts to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union, Banking Union in a way that balances risk sharing and risk reduction, and creating safer and more transparent markets for securitisation and improved prospectuses for securities to bring about the Capital Markets Union;


Addressing the social dimension of the European Union, notably through the enhancement of the Youth Employment Initiative, improved social security coordination, the European Accessibility Act and the creation of a European Solidarity Corps;


Better protecting the security of our citizens, notably through a better protection of our external borders via the Entry-Exit System, Smart Borders and the European Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS), by strengthening control of the acquisition and possession of firearms, by improved instruments to criminalise terrorism and fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, and by the exchange of information on third country nationals in the European Criminal Records Information Systems (ECRIS);


Reforming and developing our migration policy in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity, notably through the reform of the Common European Asylum System (including the Dublin mechanism), the Legal Migration package and the External Investment Plan to help to address the root causes of migration by enhancing investment and job creation in partner countries;


Delivering on our commitment to implement a connected Digital Single Market, notably through the EU telecoms and copyright reforms, the use in the Union of the 700 MHz band, preventing unjustified geo-blocking, the revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the completion of the work to modernise our common data protection rules;


Delivering on our objective of an ambitious Energy Union and a forward looking climate change policy, notably through the implementation of the 2030 climate and energy framework, the follow-up to the Paris Agreement and the Clean Energy for all Europeans package.

In addition, we agree that progress is also needed for the following important issues:

Pursuing our commitment to common European values, the rule of law and fundamental rights, including our joint engagement to stand up against discrimination and xenophobia;

Tackling tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance, as well as ensuring a sound and fair tax system;

Preserving the principle of free movement of workers, notably by ensuring fairness, an adequate level of social protection and social rights;

Reinforcing Europe’s role in protecting and defending our interests beyond its border and in contributing to stability, security and peace.

We remain committed to promoting the proper implementation and enforcement of existing legislation.

We, as Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission, will regularly monitor the timely and efficient implementation of this Joint Declaration.


President of the European Parliament

Robert FICO

President of the Council

Jean-Claude JUNCKER

President of the European Commission