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Document JOC_2002_203_E_0145_01

Proposal for a Council Decision establishing the position to be adopted on behalf of the Community in the Food Aid Committee (COM(2002) 219 final)

OJ C 203E , 27.8.2002, p. 145–145 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, FI, SV)


Proposal for a Council Decision establishing the position to be adopted on behalf of the Community in the Food Aid Committee /* COM/2002/0219 final */

Official Journal 203 E , 27/08/2002 P. 0145 - 0145

Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION establishing the position to be adopted on behalf of the Community in the Food Aid Committee

(presented by the Commission)


The International Grains Agreement, 1995, is made up of two parts: the Grains Trade Convention, 1995 and the Food Aid Convention, 1999.

The Food Aid Convention of 1999 was renegotiated and covers the period until July 2002. Since no changes to the current Convention are required, extension may be achieved by decision of the Food Aid Committee.

The Grains Trade Convention, 1999 was extended in 2001 for two years. This Convention expires in June 2003 unless it is extended for a period of no more than two years.

Financial implications

The Community contribution to the administrative budget of the International Grains Agreement, which covers the two Conventions, is entered under item B7-8210 of the European Union budget.


The Commission proposes that the Council authorise the Commission to vote on behalf of the European Community in accordance with Article XXV(b) of the Food Aid Convention, 1999 in favour of the extension of this Convention for the period from 1 July 2002 to 30 June 2004, provided that the Grains Trade Convention, 1995, or a new Grains Trade Convention replacing it, remains in force until the end of the period of extension.

The two-year extension is required to allow Community negotiators in the WTO sufficient room for manoeuvre to achieve the objectives presented by the European Union as regards the grant of food aid.

Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION establishing the position to be adopted on behalf of the Community in the Food Aid Committee


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article 181 in conjunction with Article 300(2) thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission [1],

[1] OJ C ..., ..., p. ...


The Food Aid Convention, 1999 was concluded by the Community by Council Decision 2000/421/EC. That Agreement remains in force until 30 June 2002, unless it is extended beyond that date by decision of the Food Aid Committee for a period of no more than two years. The extension of that agreement is in the interest of the Community. The Commission, which represents the Community in the Food Aid Committee, should therefore be authorised by a Council Decision to vote in favour of such extension,


Sole Article

1. The European Community is in favour of the extension of the Food Aid Convention, 1999 for a further two-year period.

2. The Commission is hereby authorised to express this position within the Food Aid Committee.

Done at Brussels,

For the Council

The President


Policy area: External aspects of certain Community policies

Activities: International Agricultural Agreements

Title of action: European Community contribution to the International Grains Council

1. BUDGET LINE + HEADING: Article B7-821: International agricultural agreements


2.1. Total allocation for action (Part B): EUR 0.517 million per year for commitment

2.2. Period of application: 1.7.2002 to 30.6.2004

2.3. Compatibility with the financial programming and the financial perspective

X Proposal compatible with the existing financial programming

2.4. Financial impact on revenue:

X No financial implications (involves technical aspects regarding implementation of a measure)




Article 181 of the Treaty in conjunction with Article 300(3).

Council Decision 96/88/EC of 27.1.1996 (OJ L 21 of 27.1.1996) and Council Decision 2001/C 195/01 (OJ C 195 of 11.7.2001)


5.1. Need for Community intervention

Because of its economic importance, especially in the agricultural sector, the EC must be represented in international agricultural agreements, which represent an important means for following global developments and defending Community interests for the products concerned.

The payment of EC membership contributions enables the objectives of the International Grains Council (IGC) to be attained. The IGC, which is responsible for administering the Agreements relating to the Grains Trade Convention, 1995 and the Food Aid Convention, 1999, promotes the objectives of the Agreements, including international cooperation, exchange of statistical information and forecasting market trends, etc., and for the Food Aid Convention the guarantee that developing countries are ensured a minimum amount of food aid by the European Union. It is therefore in the interests of the EC to be a part of the Agreements.

The membership contributions are determined on an annual basis and are due for as long as the EC is a member of the Agreements.

It is clear that if the EC had to carry out on its own the same actions as are carried out by the IGC, the total cost of these would be much greater than the cost of the membership contributions.

5.2. Actions envisaged and arrangements for budget intervention

The EC pays membership dues on an annual basis for the International Grains Council.

The dues are paid for as along as the EC remains a signatory to the Agreements.

The European Commission and the Member States participate fully in the activities of the IGC and take full advantage of the benefits of membership.


6.1. Total financial impact on Part B

Commitments (to the 3rd decimal place): EUR 0.517 million per year

6.2. Calculation:

The expenditure involved in the application of the two Conventions is covered by annual contributions from all members of the Grains Convention. The contribution of each member for each financial year is fixed in proportion to the number of votes attributed to that member in relation to the total number of votes held by members. The number of votes attributed to each member is adjusted on the basis of the composition of the IGC when the budget for the financial year in question is adopted. There is a total of 2 000 votes in the Convention, with 443 held by the European Union. The cost is 443 x GBP 640 = GBP 283 520 (EUR 450 210.40). The provisional margin shown in point 6.1 is intended to cover fluctuations in the pound sterling and any amendment in the number of votes.


7.1. Impact on human resources


7.2. Overall financial impact of human resources


* Human resources and administrative requirements will be covered from the allocation given to the managing DG under the annual allocations procedure. The amounts are total expenditure for twelve months.


8.1. Follow-up arrangements

The Commission services will participate fully in the Administrative Committees and Council of the IGC; these are the bodies responsible for determining budgetary contributions.

A report of these meetings and of the decisions taken at them is published and is freely available to members.

8.2. Details and frequency of planned evaluations

In view of the specific nature of the proposed intervention (extension of Community contribution to the administrative budget of the International Grains Agreement) and of the relatively small sum involved, an external evaluation does not seem justified. The relevance and usefulness of continuing with a contribution to the administrative budget of this Agreement will be evaluated internally, at regular intervals, by means of active Commission involvement in the management committees and in the International Grains Council.


Payments will only be made directly to the bank account of the IGC on receipt of a written request, after verification that the request coincides with the figure agreed by the International Grains Council.