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Document L:2016:182:TOC

Official Journal of the European Union, L 182, 7 July 2016

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ISSN 1977-0677

Official Journal

of the European Union

L 182

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English edition


Volume 59
7 July 2016



II   Non-legislative acts







Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1093 of 6 July 2016 approving didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate as an existing active substance for use in biocidal products of product-type 8 ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1094 of 6 July 2016 approving copper, granulated, as an active substance for use in biocidal products of product-type 8 ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1095 of 6 July 2016 concerning the authorisation of Zinc acetate dihydrate, Zinc chloride anhydrous, Zinc oxide, Zinc sulphate heptahydrate, Zinc sulphate monohydrate, Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate, Zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates, Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) and Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (liquid) as feed additives for all animal species and amending Regulations (EC) No 1334/2003, (EC) No 479/2006, (EU) No 335/2010 and Implementing Regulations (EU) No 991/2012 and (EU) No 636/2013 ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1096 of 6 July 2016 amending Regulation (EC) No 1251/2008 as regards the requirements for placing on the market of consignments of certain fish species intended for the Member States or parts thereof with national measures for salmonid alphavirus (SAV) approved by Decision 2010/221/EU ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1097 of 6 July 2016 establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruit and vegetables







Council Decision (EU) 2016/1098 of 4 July 2016 on the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union within the ACP-EU Committee of Ambassadors regarding the revision of Annex III to the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement




Council Decision (EU) 2016/1099 of 5 July 2016 on the financial contributions to be paid by Member States to finance the European Development Fund, including the second instalment for 2016




Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1100 of 5 July 2016 amending the Annex to Decision 2007/453/EC as regards the BSE status of Costa Rica, Germany, Lithuania, Namibia and Spain (notified under document C(2016) 4134)  ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1101 of 5 July 2016 amending Annexes I and II to Decision 2004/558/EC as regards the infectious bovine rhinotracheitis-free status of the Federal States of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and the Regierungsbezirke Arnsberg, Detmold and Münster in Germany (notified under document C(2016) 4135)  ( 1 )




Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1102 of 5 July 2016 approving the national programmes to improve the production and marketing of apiculture products submitted by the Member States under Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (notified under document C(2016) 4133)







Corrigendum to Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/175 of 8 February 2016 on a measure taken by Spain pursuant to Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, to prohibit the placing on the market of a type of pressure washer ( OJ L 33, 10.2.2016 )




(1)   Text with EEA relevance


Acts whose titles are printed in light type are those relating to day-to-day management of agricultural matters, and are generally valid for a limited period.

The titles of all other Acts are printed in bold type and preceded by an asterisk.