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Official Journal of the European Union

The Official Journal, published by the EU’s Publications Office and more commonly referred to as the OJ, is:

  • the core part of EU law;
  • published daily (Monday to Friday and, in urgent cases, on weekends and public holidays).

It contains:

There are 2 series:

  • L (legislation); and
  • C (information and notices).

There are also 3 subseries.

  • CA contains vacancy notices. These editions may appear in one, several or all official languages.
  • LI and CI, which allow for greater flexibility in the event of a change in the planned content of the OJ, notably for documents needing to be published shortly after their adoption.

The Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, dedicated to European public procurement, is published on the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website.

The electronic issues of the Official Journal (OJ) are of legal value as of 1 July 2013. They are available on EUR-Lex. The electronic edition is authentic and produces legal effects, whereas the paper version no longer has legal value. However — in case of an unforeseen and exceptional disruption of the Publications Office's IT systems — it is the paper version that has legal value.

In addition, when a country joins the EU, a special edition of the OJ is published. It contains the secondary law in force on the date of accession of the country in question. Acts published in the special editions are grouped in volumes in the order of their publication and are listed in chapters, corresponding to the chapters of the directory of EU legislation.