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Motor vehicle towing devices

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Motor vehicle towing devices

This Regulation lays down provisions concerning motor vehicle towing devices. The aim is to adapt current requirements to developments in scientific and technical knowledge.


Commission Regulation (EU) No 1005/2010 of 8 November 2010 concerning type-approval requirements for motor vehicle towing devices and implementing Regulation (EC) No 661/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning type-approval requirements for the general safety of motor vehicles, their trailers and systems, components and separate technical units intended therefor (Text with EEA relevance).


This Regulation establishes rules concerning the type-approval of motor vehicle towing devices *. It forms part of the implementation of the Regulation on the general safety of motor vehicles.

Types of vehicles concerned

This Regulation applies to vehicles of category M and N, namely:

  • motor vehicles designed and built for passenger transport having at least four wheels;
  • motor vehicles designed and built to transport goods having at least four wheels.

Requirements for towing devices

Manufacturers have an obligation to equip vehicles with a towing device. Towing devices must be able to withstand a tractive and compressive static force equivalent to at least half the technically permissible maximum laden mass of the vehicle.

The Regulation also establishes test procedures to check compliance of devices.

Provisions for EC type-approval

The vehicle manufacturer must submit an application for EC type-approval to the competent authority. This application must contain certain information, namely:

  • the make and type of the vehicle;
  • the technically permissible maximum laden mass declared by the manufacturer;
  • a drawing or photograph of the chassis/area of the vehicle body showing the position, construction and mounting of the towing device.

If the competent authority considers that the vehicle satisfies all of the requirements concerning towing devices, it shall grant EC type-approval and issue a type-approval number pursuant to Directive 2007/46/EC.

Key terms of the Act

  • Towing device: a device in the shape of a hook, eye or other form, to which a connecting part, such as a towing bar or towing rope, can be fitted.



Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Regulation (EU) No 1005/2010



OJ L 291 of 9.11.2010

Last updated: 08.02.2011