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Framework for the exchange of liaison magistrates

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Framework for the exchange of liaison magistrates

In light of the differences between Member States' legal and judicial systems, the Council has adopted an act to increase the speed and effectiveness of judicial cooperation and at the same time facilitate better mutual understanding between systems. Judicial cooperation is the main instrument in combating international crime and fraud, in particular fraud affecting the Community's financial interests.


Joint Action 96/277/JHA of 22 April 1996 adopted by the Council on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, concerning a framework for the exchange of liaison magistrates to improve judicial cooperation between the Member States of the European Union.


The Joint Action establishes a framework for the posting or the exchange of magistrates or officials with special expertise in judicial cooperation procedures, referred to as 'liaison magistrates', between Member States, on the basis of bilateral or multilateral arrangements.

The tasks of liaison magistrates shall normally include any activity designed to encourage and accelerate all forms of judicial cooperation in criminal and, where appropriate, civil matters, in particular by establishing direct links with the relevant departments and judicial authorities in the host State. Under arrangements agreed between the home Member State and the host Member State, liaison magistrates' tasks may also include any activity connected with handling the exchange of information and statistics designed to promote mutual understanding of the legal systems and legal data bases of the States concerned and to further relations between the legal professions in each of those States.

Member States shall keep each other informed within the Council of initiatives already under way and those taken to implement this Joint Action. The Member States concerned shall forward information on their exchanges of liaison magistrates to the General Secretariat of the Council annually.



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Official Journal

Joint Action 96/277/JHA



OJ L 105 of 27.4.1996

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